Super-volcano could destroy two-thirds of North America

Two-thirds of the United States may become uninhabitable because of toxic air. Thousands of flights canceled, and millions of people from their homes. This paper makes a disappointing outlook Dailymail. And all will cause the volcano.

Scientists who monitor the volcano in Yellowstone National Park, argue that such a disaster could happen in the near future.

Super-volcano caldera in the national park has been active since 1923, but the growth record began in 2004. Only during the observation, the volcano erupted three times, but it turned out only minor emissions of lava.

But the most powerful eruption was 640 thousand years ago. It was preceded by a series of 30 small emissions.

Robert B. Smith, professor of geophysics at the University of Utah, who led a recent study of the Caldera, said: "The volcano is the best proof that the crust is filled with molten rock.

Periodically magma rises to the surface. But we do not know how long this process continues. This will result in either a strong eruption, or just the influx of lava. "

If an eruption occurs, it can easily outperform the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, which in April last year, made a chaos in aviadvizhenie over Europe. Robert Smith said: "This is an emergency. Volcano will cover a much larger area, so the stakes are high. "

Yellowstone Caldera volcano is one of the most amazing feats of nature. It is the largest volcanic fields in North America. His name means "pot" or "pot".

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