SuperJet-100 spring will receive its first passengers


In Ulyanovsk after painting by the manufacturers of the two aircraft — Sukhoi SuperJet-100 and Tu-214 presidential special aircraft division. The last stage of the production took place at Ulyanovsk aircraft factory. This sleek and planes find their final appearance.
Finishing touches are applied by hand — brush. Prior to this giant machine stains special unit that creates an electrostatic field. As a result, the paint lays down exactly, and in aircraft wings can look like in the mirror. The largest shop samoletopokrasochnom countries already dressed in corporate colors of three hundred aircraft, from tiny single-engine "corncob" to a giant "Ruslan". Today the work of the special — the first production aircraft grade SuperJet-100.

"There is no difference to us what kind of aircraft paint — standard work", — said one of the painters. "No, there is a difference — the enamel — objected another. — Enamel new. "Avioks", it is not absolutely dry residue. "

No solids — means no emissions during operation, and the surface smoothness is such that the aerodynamic characteristics improves machine and saves fuel. SuperJet-100 flew the painting to the native plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Next to it shines vivid colors of the Russian tricolor Tu-214, made in Kazan for the presidential squadron. Ready to paint the Yak-42 Saratov production. It's called cooperation. Aircraft factories no longer need to keep their little painting facilities. The machine can paint at the perfect equipment most skilled wizard.

"You know, it — piece of work, plant manager, explains," Aviastar-spectrum "Sergei Anoufriev. — How much paint to pour her to lie down flat, and does not spread streaks. Specialist — he even hears the noise spray, how exactly lies coating. Without practice this skill is lost. "

Russian masters confidently brought aboard the first Russian SuperJet-100 letters of the Armenian alphabet. The buyer of the first 5 aircraft of this series was the company "Armavia".

"This aircraft has excellent technical and tactical characteristics, — said deputy general director of" Armavia "Aram Egoyan. — It is absolutely indispensable to the lines where the capacity of a flight of about 100 passengers.

Test pilots claim: SuperJet-100 is much easier to manage and more comfortable for the driver than the European Airbus. On the reliability of the Russian car talking on concrete examples.

"I myself, performing test flights over Zhukovsky, somehow caught 5 gulls, says test pilot Leonid Chernov. — Seagull — is a powerful, strong bird. Two of them got to the engine without any consequences for the flight. "

Pleasures of the flight of the airplane assessed so far only test pilots. The first scheduled flight of the Russian SuperJet-100 will be made on the Yerevan-Moscow.

From Ulyanovsk way SuperJet-100 lies in Zhukovsky. There will be the last certification tests. And in the spring seats in the cabin of the new aircraft will take the first passengers who have heard the familiar phrase, "Please take your seats, fasten your seat belts and get ready for take off."


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