Surviving in a terrible accident, the man was a long-lived

For Sam Ledvarda birthday is not a sad holiday. He was one hundred and six, though a man 76 years ago, thought killed in an accident when he crashed a motorcycle.

Former carpenter in 1936, was in a terrible motorcycle accident 500cc Triumph, which until this travel is not more than two months. Sam Ledvard infernal machine bought from a local farmer. Ill-fated motorcycle belonged to his son, but the guy brought continuous trouble. "I just gave it to himself," — says Mr. Ledvard. "Put the rear tires. I thought that with the front is all right, but I was mistaken. It turned out — they were nightmarish. "

Died in a motorcycle, Sam Ledvard fell into such a deep coma that doctors determined that he had died. But the porter, who drove him to the hospital morgue, noted that the "corpse" move and brought him back to the House, where Sam Ledvard spent five days until he came back to consciousness.

"My first recollection of the day, when I came to, people were standing around the bed and slapping someone's hand on my arm," — says a man miraculously survived. "I knocked the cup feeding from the hands of nurses." In fact, to heal the injured person's head and took another six months.

Now, when Mr. Ledvard, celebrates its 106th birthday, it is safe to say that not only lived a long and good life. Besides, not everyone falls a "lucky break" twice to be born. After all, the fact that he managed to survive, he calls a great success, and joked: "I'll be fine, and so soon you will not get rid of me."

He continues almost every day to go from house to Gvernafilde the city by bus, along with his companion of 90 years Millie Minshell, a cousin of his late wife. Born and raised in Cheshire Mr. Ledvard, lived with his late wife Edith in Blackpool. Mrs. Ledvard passed away in 1993, but before she died, she told her husband that she would look after him her sister. "She said — go to Milli" — says Sam Ledvard. "And then I'm really good. We care about each other. And a lot of walking, though, by the way, I'm getting too old for this. Although, I do splendidly for old men "- laughing Mr. Ledvard. And indeed Mill argued that a relative is not bad for my age.

106th birthday of Sam Ledvard celebrated with the family's daughter, Mrs. Minshell.

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