Swedish fishermen caught the worlds longest fish

October 14, 2012 8:22

Herring king made the Guinness World Record.

We have all heard stories about the fishermen who caught which fish. Usually successful fishermen show — a vooot! And shrug, always slightly priviraya. Or even slightly. But when it comes to the Guinness Book of Records, all doubts disappear.

In the Baltic Sea fishermen have caught the world's longest fish. It happened off the coast of Sweden. A fish called herring King (Regalecus glesne). Last King of herring caught in the Baltic Sea in the nineteenth century — 130 years ago.

Host of River Monsters Channel Animal Planet Jeremy Wade caught in the African Congo River large and scary-looking fish — big Goliath tiger fish

Fisherman Kurt Ove Eriksson first noticed a fantastic fish. She was already dead. Even Kurt seemed not fish, and plastic. But looking more closely, he saw a fisherman fish eye, strange, long, flat body, a red mane on his head. There are other names for this fish: fish-belt, sea snakes. Perhaps the longest fish will exhibit at the show sea monsters. Its body length — 17 m, weight — 250 kg. Dorsal fin looks like an unusual red mane. Herring king lives at a depth of 1000 meters and is a pelagic fish or poluglubokovodnoy. This fish is found in the North Sea and in the ocean, but in the Baltic Sea is extremely rare, so this catch can be considered a sensation. Herring King is the longest bony fish in the world. The meat of this fish is not tasty, it does not even eat animals. Sometimes swim in the Baltic Sea, rare inhabitants as sunfish, horse mackerel and swordfish.
In the mouth of a fish Goliath 32 and most dangerous of the tooth, so it attacks even crocodiles

In the mouth of a fish Goliath 32 and most dangerous of the tooth, so it attacks even crocodiles

Internet is full fishing tales and anecdotes about the fishermen. Here is one of them. A conversation between two doctors:

— Yesterday, we brought in the casualty department of one fisherman.

— What does he have?
— Dislocation of hand. Destroy it when you show what caught pike.

Fish Goliath: weight 45 kg, 2 m

Editorial Uznayvse.ru wishes all our readers to never lose this love of life, which is common to all fishermen, and each catch their goldfish.

Our fishermen — also well done: carp weighs 30 kg

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