T-shirts with Militsyya replace

Funny mistake on T-shirts Minsk Special Forces will be fixed, the correspondent of "ERB" in Minsk police.

The shares of the "silent resistance" in Minsk in the frame camera commandos were shirts with grammatical errors. Instead of "police" or "police" on them was placed the inscription "militsyya."

Photo widely razyshlysya on ByNet. Noticed them in the Metropolitan Police.

"Of course, everything is fixed — promises ERB spokesman Alexander Minsk police Lastouski. — As in the case of the" groves Minsk City Executive Committee "- the Russian word Belarusian capital letters. But there was software fault in the equipment, our fault. But as regards inscription "militsyya" — we do not make these shirts. All of this form must be ordered. Riot police had nothing to do with it: what to do, if you need to wear a T-shirt and the other not? "

According Lastovskogo, information about the wrong inscription already referred to the authorities, which should focus on correcting mistakes.

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