Tax officials have tried to describe the property of BHC

Tax Inspection of the Moscow district of Minsk on May 24 attempted to describe the property of the human rights organization "Belarusian Helsinki Committee".

"We have at times reminiscent of the unpaid amount., And we regularly go to the prosecutor and to the tax office where the claim that the money received under the TACIS program, were not taxed. At the time when we get the money for this program, The Council of Ministers has not led the Belarusian legislation in line with the presidential decree, according to which humanitarian assistance received under the TACIS program, should be taxed. 'Cause guilty of failing to pay taxes, we do not consider myself "- said the lawyer BHC Harry Pahanyaila.

According Pahanyaila, all accounts of the disabled. BHC has no property — all equipment and property he leases. Therefore, as stated by al-Gaddafi, in accordance with the law described in the BHC nothing.

The conflict between the tax authorities and the BHC has lasted for more than five years. Tax inspection exposed to BHC claims that the organization has not paid taxes on the money received as humanitarian aid under the TACIS program.

In summer 2004, the economic Court of Minsk BHC took off charges of tax evasion, but the decision appealed vice-chairman Supreme Economic Court Evgeny Smirnov. In December 2004, the Presidium of the Supreme Court upheld his objection and ordered the BHC to pay taxes and penalties of approximately $ 75,000 U.S. dollars.

November 1 2006 economic Court of Minsk decided to confiscate the property of BHC in the amount of 255 thousand in payment of 160 million rubles fine and tax arrears.

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