Temperature record 26-year-old beaten in Magadan on Tuesday

 Forecasters Kolyma Tuesday registered a new Magadan November maximum temperature when the thermometer shows plus 1 degree Celsius is 0.4 degrees above the previous record set in 1986, told RIA Novosti employee of weather forecasting meteorologist for the Magadan region.

"Temperature up to the present day so far has been 0.6 degrees Celsius. It fixed — in 1986. Now it is one degree plus" — said the agency interlocutor.

She said the average temperature for the last ten days of November in Magadan 11.10 degrees. Dramatic warming in Kolyma brought moist and warm cyclone, coming from the South Kuril Islands.

"Warming of the last few days. Today, and on Wednesday and Thursday in Magadan will rain, which, of course, is also an anomaly for this time of year," — said the agency interlocutor.

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