Ten people were victims of Hurricane Irene in the U.S.

Ten people were killed in the hurricane "Irene" in the U.S.

At least 10 people were killed in the hurricane "Irene" in the U.S., which is slowly covering the entire east coast. This was reported today officers rescue services.
Currently, all over New York are heavy rains, accompanied by squally winds. Authorities have warned residents about the threat of tornadoes. Several highways of the city is flooded. And also receives information about the sinking of the individual districts in Jersey City, New Jersey.
According to media reports, the New York substation switching to energy-saving mode, which leads to a number of failures in the power supply blocks. Life in the city is virtually paralyzed — the metro is not working, does not go above-ground public transportation for arrivals closed all five airports in New York, for security reasons canceled all sports and entertainment events. Several million people in the east coast were evacuated.


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Ghost town comes alive after "Irene"



Hurricane "Irene" hit New York, flooding several highways, cutting off the wire and fell trees. Life in the city came to a standstill: closed public transport, air traffic disrupted. Russian "Aeroflot" and "Transaero" announced the cancellation of Sunday flights to New York. The hurricane continued to move along the east coast. Flood recorded once in seven states. More than two million Americans — have been forced to flee their homes. Grows and the number of victims, "Irene."

"Evacuate late, stay where you are" — these words of Mayor Bloomberg on the radio all night was repeated every half hour. Hurricane, though unnerved, hit New York. Strong wind picked up in the ocean three-meter waves. Of flood authorities said once in seven states. In Virginia and North Carolina, along with a hurricane and a tornado swept.
An increasing number of victims: three people, including a 11-year-old child, were killed by fallen trees, highways, several car accidents resulting in death. Drowned surfer-extreme, who made a special trip to North Carolina for the big wave. In Philadelphia, the wind brought down the house. Rescuers do not yet know whether anyone was in the rubble.
In Maryland, automatically muted nuclear reactor in Calvert Cliffs plant. In the building where it is located, fell from the roof torn off a piece of aluminum. Along the coast closed hundreds of roads. But even those that still exist are not always passable.
Many flooded highway. Not all the cars were able to overcome water obstacles. New York came close to the worst case scenario — the output of the Hudson coast.
The sky lit up for the first day, but the rain does not stop. Water has already risen above the breakwaters and podtopila Battery Park in lower Manhattan — ten meters away a quarter of high-rises. Their inhabitants were evacuated on the eve forced.
Yet New Yorkers last night tired of sitting at home: a ghost town slowly comes to life. While it remains closed all airports and subways and buses promise to put on the line until Monday.
"We have everything, thank God, good. We took things from the balcony and covered windows. Quietly through the night., But still need to be careful," — says a local resident George.
200 trucks of food prepared by the army on an emergency, remain in military bases. Assistance of the National Guard, raised the alarm, is also not yet useful. But to dismiss the home reserve in no hurry. "Irene" is not a hurricane, but is still a strong storm that is raging in the far north of the United States.

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