Tens of thousands of people attended a rally in Tokyo against nuclear power Ooi

Tens of thousands of people gathered for a rally in the center of the Japanese capital on Friday to protest against the government's decision to reopen the plant, "Ooi," according to the website of the Metropolitan Coalition against nuclear power plants, which organized the rally.

The call for the rally was extended to the site of the coalition, as well as in social networks. Organizers reported several tens of thousands of participants. Police put the figure at 11,000 people, and the Japanese media — from 20 to 45 thousand.

The protesters are protesting against the government's decision, taken last Saturday, on the resumption of the third and fourth reactors "Ooi". Now in Japan, not a single active reactor. This happened because the nuclear reactors, which by law every 13 months to stop the prevention, could not resume work because of the resistance of the population and tightened requirements for plant safety after the accident at the plant "Fukushima-1" in March year.

However, the government had to make a decision about restarting two reactors that have passed inspection and stress tests, and to convince the local population to the necessity of this step, because in the area that caters to the station on a hot summer, power shortages could be more than 15%.

According to the organizers, the formation of a coalition in the autumn of last year, the number of participants in the first meeting did not exceed 300. Then, every rally is increased exponentially. Subsequent rallies draw thousands, 2.7 thousand and four thousand members. Previous meeting gathered 11 thousand people.

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