The American suffered a 90 plastic surgeries to become more like a doll



Many people do not like to own appearance. If the gym and other innocuous means do not help improve the situation, some decide to have cosmetic surgery. 32-year-old New Yorker Justin Jedlicka subjected myself to this procedure 90 times. He wanted to be like Ken, a friend of Barbie dolls, reports Huffington Post.

Not only girls selected as role models top models and is ideally composed of the dolls. Young people, it turns out, also like plastic toys. Justin Jedlicka has not regretted 100,000 dollars to become a living Ken. For this purpose, a man walked nearly 10 years. With the help of numerous silicone inserts, he changed his appearance so as to be like his idol.

It all started out small. In the early 2000s, American decided to slightly change the shape of the nose. After that Justin is called, was involved. He wanted to correct the shape of the eyes, the shape of the lips, ears and other parts of the face. The New Yorker was willing to put everything on the altar of beauty.



Only one person, however, did not stop. The man decided to give his body a more sporty look, making himself surgically taut belly, powerful muscles of the arms and legs, increasing the volume of the breast. Even moving the 90 is not simple operations "Ken" is not going to stop. According to the man, his appearance is far from ideal. Soon Justin is planning to make a small build-up shoulder to appear masculine.

It is no wonder that many consider the behavior of men is not just normal, but also life-threatening. For example, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Drew Ordin said that such a number of off-scale operations may sooner or later result in failure for the patient. However, Jedlicka can reassure himself that to the recently deceased human-tiger he is far away.

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