The area of forest fires in Russia grew over the weekend to more than 2 times

The area of forest fires, operating in Russia, grew over the weekend more than doubled, reaching 8.6 thousand hectares, said Monday Emergencies Ministry.

On Friday, June 1, the agency reported on 69 forest fires, acting on an area of about 3.6 hectares.

"At present, continue to operate 133 focus on the area of 8.6 hectares. Active burning area is 124 hectares," — said in a statement.

According to authorities, for the last day in Russia have 129 seats of fire in the area of 5.3 thousand hectares, and was eliminated on the area of 120 lesions 4.4 thousand hectares. Seven large fires raging in the Far East and Siberia. Most fires are on forest land, but three fires recorded in protected natural areas.

"Threats to the settlements and the economy is not" — said the MOE.

According to MOE, in 2011 in Russia was 21.1 thousands of forest fires (in 2010 — 34.8 thousand) of the total area of 1.67 million hectares (in 2010 — 2.45 million).

The most difficult situation in some periods of the fire season shape in Yakutia, Komi Republic, Buryatia, Khabarovsk, Trans-Baikal, Krasnoyarsk regions, Arkhangelsk and Irkutsk regions. In the North-West, Ural, Siberian and Far Eastern federal districts accounted for 88% of the total number of forest fires occurred, and 99% of the area traversed by fire.

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