The area of forest fires in the state of New Mexico for the day up 30%

The area of forest fires in the south-western United States in the state of New Mexico for the day increased by one-third to nearly 68.6 thousand hectares, said the Forest Service, Gila National Forest, where the fire burns.

"The fire is spreading in all directions. Firefighting involved 12 helicopters and more than 1.2 thousand firefighters," — said in a statement.

It clarifies the agency Associated Press, the fire broke out last week in the isolated mountain ranges of New Mexico. The cause of the fire was caught in trees lightning. Contributed to the spread of fire is hot and dry weather and gusty wind. The fire burned more than a dozen houses, and the residents of several nearby communities were evacuated.

According to the analyst of the National Wildland Fire Fire Center Salensa Jeremy (Jeremy Sullens), quoted by the agency, to the spread of the fire was, including the mild winter: last year's grass served as "food" for the fire.

According to the report, the approaching monsoon season (sustained winds in one direction — Ed.) May help firefighters deal with the fire.

This year, as the agency refines, forest fires in New Mexico, almost 10% higher than the record figure of the previous year, when the fire was raging in the area of 63.1 hectares.

Gila forest area of 1.3 million hectares, and in 1905 introduced this environmental regime.

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