The attack on the Parliament of the Chechen Republic

Today in Grozny was attacked legislature Chechnya. Killed two police officers and assistant manager of the building, 17 people were injured, including six police officers, said a spokeswoman for the Republican control of the Investigation Committee.

This is what said by telephone from Chechnya correspondent North service of our radio Khizir Hasimikav.

"On the morning of Chechnya was shocked that today occurred. Local security officials say that two or three men with guns entered the parliament of Chechnya. They allegedly tried to kill Dukuvakha Abdurahmanava, the Speaker of Parliament, but he defended the guards and deputies, and he was taken to an armored personnel carrier.

By the acquisition of the special department of the parliament were the Chechen Interior Ministry and security staff of the President. Operation to neutralize the attackers managed personally by the president, Ramzan Kadyrov.

On He said, Armed assailants were three in the morning they entered the building, killing two police officers of Parliament and the janitor of the legislature. Kadyrov said the operation to destroy the militants and the release of deputies and clerks took 15-20 minutes.

According to Kadyrov, all the attackers were killed, all the members are alive and safe.

In Chechnya, is now the Minister of Interior Russia Rashid Nurgaliyev. He planned to attend the meeting in the Chechen Interior Ministry, the day dedicated to the police. The night before, the minister and the president of Chechnya visited the brigade of internal troops, presented awards to the military.

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