The authorities are afraid of elections, the opposition and the Belarusian people


Our listener call after, she learned about the draft law on languages in neighboring Ukraine.

"So it's time to pay the price with Russia Yanukovych during his presidency. And how beautiful friendship demonstrated in front of the cameras! And paying Ukrainian, and hence the Ukrainian culture. Lukashenko and the Belarusian language paid all national vtoptvalasya. Dear "Freedom", tell me why the Imperials so hard to take away from the neighboring nations native languages? Every nation more especially his own.

Lukashenko is afraid of elections, the opposition and the Belarusian people. If this oil, then the oil will flow from the distant Venezuela, and salaries and social benefits. Well, life does not come in Belarus, as an earthly paradise. And the loans that he has picked up, goysayuchy in other countries, as it will give? Or maybe he will forgive them? For what? About two years ago heard Lukashenko boasted, saying that we impose stubbornly another model of economic development, and we went our own way and they were right. And everything came crashing down with his economic way. Whence on the verge of an earthly paradise in Belarus? "

Lavon Barshcheuski

Scientist and politician Lavon Barshcheuski Call listener comments:

"In the Russian foreign policy exists false thesis that we should all make the Russian, then they will be good for us. If they are different nationalities, they are potential enemies. It exists century. This false thesis is realized.

Knowing the mood in the neighboring countries, Lukashenko just for the destruction of the Belarusian education for neadkrytstse Belarusian University, for prydushenne Belarusian writers actually received preferential oil and gas.

But now for Moscow is not the price. She thinks that here he fulfilled his task. Now she puts him other accounts. So he did. I do not think he has a pathological hatred of nature before. He just cynically traded these values for the sake of retaining their power. Getting the oil and gas meant the retention of power in Belarus. "

Do I have to Belarus Venezuelan oil? "Why buy oil when on the black market you can buy cheaper and gasoline and diesel fuel?"— Jokes our listener:

"I want to touch on the black market fuel. You know, we in Belarus green fuel costs 1300 rubles, and the white diesel — from 1500 to 1700 rubles, almost a thousand less. If you take Belarus, 10 percent of the diesel fuel is stolen, so the prices are low. So, you know, maybe it does not need as many tankers to drive? Maybe even worth stealing? Let Hugo Chavez to ship oil tankers. "

Leonid Zlotnikov

This call says economist Leonid Zlotnikov:

"I do not think we have such a volume on the black market. This is usually near the border with Ukraine or Russia, where "shuttle" back and forth carry. The volume, which is legally, and one that is not only for processing into fuel, and for other purposes, are incomparable. As for Venezuela's oil — is unknown. There is no evidence that this oil is cheaper than Russian. It is unclear why the Venezuelan, not Russian. Russia at world prices, offers, and take all you want, and no problems. "

Is there a chance to get to the election commissions to persons nominated by without the consent of the officials. Here is the call to this topic:

"How to get an observer in the election commissions of the opposition in the cities of the country? In particular, in Bobruisk. I would love to be present in the committees, to see what was going on, and maybe even help our candidate from the opposition. "

And here's another call on the same topic from our listeners Sergei Shinkevich from Minsk.

"I Pervomajskij area. I will try to get to the members of the election commission in the community. If this interests you, you can contact me by phone. Then I'll tell you what I got. "

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