The average salary of doctors emergency — 1,000,000 rubles

In 1910, the Company's patient care was not free, the cost of the call — from 20 cents to 1 ruble. Free serviced only accidents.

In 1911, for charitable donations Minsk Austria has purchased the first ambulance — earlier than in Moscow, Kiev and St. Petersburg.

Now the capital works 148 ambulances, most of them specialized (6 resuscitation, 30 — Intensive Care, nevralyagichnyya, psychiatric, pedyyatrychnyya). Each of the teams goes to the 10-16 calls per day. Every day for an emergency phone number 103 comes from 5 to 7000 calls.

Ukamplektavanasts Minsk ambulance station physicians is 70%. Most doctors and medical assistants work with heavy loads, and a half-two rates.

Tells the student shastsikursnik Medical University, who previously graduated from medical school and now works part-time medical assistant:

"At the rate paid 500-600 thousand, I am considered a secondary education. Dr. receives 700 thousand on a bet, maybe 800-900 if he

To earn the declared $ 500, they should at least pull half rate.

a lot of experience and, for example, resuscitation team. But nobody is working on the bid, all one and a half or two pulled. To earn the declared $ 500, they must least half rate pulled. Turnover is very big. "

Average salaries of doctors "emergency" — about 1 million rubles.

According to statistics, in the capital of one brigade accounted for 12.5 thousand inhabitants. According to the head of emergency care Edward Kozyrev, this standard should be revised — for the capital that is not enough. In the city of 9 substations. Installed satellite navigation system — now locate the team and immediately sent to the scene no problem. You can call an ambulance and through SMS-communication.

Check out obscheprofilnyh Brigade cost the city budget about 70 thousand, resuscitation — about 100,000. In Minsk, unlike Moscow, ambulance provides emergency care to all, regardless of nationality or residence. In Last year, 120 patients in the middle and serious condition were taken to hospitals of the capital from other regions of Belarus, as well as from Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States, Turkey, Poland.

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