The broad scope of polymer products

The broad scope of polymer productsUnlike Russia growers from Europe has for many years used in the household plastic products, such as plastic mesh. But recently, the market garden and building materials began to appear like the product, and gardeners have become more familiar with such products.

Those who prefer to design their vertical gardening can be appreciated, such a grid, as they do an excellent job with the support of plants with a twisted structure. These supports have a huge number of benefits. They absolutely do not rot, corrosion in contrast to the same string bags.

No heating, like metal, but unlike wood they cost much less. Nothing is more practical and convenient than the tool as a support peas, cucumbers and beans, all that without the support will not be able to grow. Such culture is much easier to grow in a garden lattice, in contrast to the method used previously, when every germ tying to a single vine.

The material has the ability to withstand a very wide temperature range of from -50 to 80 degrees and above freezing. In addition, he does not lose its qualities in such differentials and its attractive appearance. Product perfect bend, because if you want and need can be given any shape, and quite beautiful garden and make suburban area.

Pergola or arch, which can be made of such a framework, used to grow roses pletistyh such crops as honeysuckle and other plants, such as ornamental and otherwise. At work are often small pieces, leftovers, they are recommended to be used as support for spreading shrubs that have heavy stems, such as peonies.

High quality features of this product make it possible to apply the polymer lattice with the strengthening and equipping of lawns. Moreover, the product is perfect, even when working with difficult terrain. Durable and reliable fastening is obtained by germination of plant roots through a cell that previously was placed on the ground.

Thus, a very dense turf. In addition to durability and reliability of this method makes it possible to completely prevent the erosion of soil from the lawn, soil erosion, all that could be useful and remove the mold. It is also important that with this device area on which grass grows, is protected from harm small rodents.

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