The characteristic features of different levels of consciousness

October 9, 2012 4:35

Magical determination of levels of consciousness (or castes) in itself gives an overview of the basic features of each level.

We consider here the levels of "Merchant", "Warriors" and "Mage".

Each level involves a certain range of time between the qualities, so the level of consciousness at the beginning will be different from the consciousness at the end of this level, the transition to the next range.

— Merchants — the level of consciousness, which is a development of communication between people.

People with such consciousness are learning to communicate. So they are basically sociable, easily and naturally learn. Very nepotism and appreciate family ties. Very emotional. They are easy to negotiate and try to always be good for all. At this level of consciousness is not to turn out qualities such as rationality and integrity.

It can not allocate (formulate) are in a situation and use this knowledge to build any situation of this type. It is not able to see more rational and well use it. The main occupation of the people with this level of consciousness — sales, marketing, services. The core values and criteria of success are related to money. Ie precisely the kind of activity where the mind receives the maximum opportunity for development. People with knowledge "merchants" are bad managers. The lack of principle, the inability to see and articulate the nature of the situation, along with the emotion and commitment to friendly — making them sociable but not rational and principled leader who can lead to the success of the event started. Very sexy, because the maximum energy in the cocoon is Svadhisthana Chakra.

— Warriors — the level of consciousness on which work enough qualities such as will, integrity, rationality, intention, desire for leadership and power.

These people just are not going to talk for the sake of communication, and will endeavor to find supporters and defend their principles, whatever they may be. At this level, still missing the qualities of pluralism, the desire for knowledge, the ability to identify the principle (algorithm) of any event or action to further improve it. People with the level of consciousness of the Warrior tend to occupy senior positions, to impose their will on others and defend their principles.

— Magee — the level of consciousness on which work enough knowledge of the world and ourselves in the world. Person with such a level of consciousness are primarily interested in the knowledge and use. At this level of consciousness in humans begin to develop additional mental capabilities — psychic. They begin to perceive the world along with the world-energy solids. They develop intuition, hunches, and all sorts of feelings. With the development of consciousness, Mages get an opportunity with his consciousness to influence the processes occurring in the outside world for a man.

You can compare the time required to narabatyvaniya mind the first three levels of childhood rights, after which comes the maturity — the conscious attitude.

Also in the process of spiritual development, the first three levels of consciousness correspond to the "childhood" of the individual when it narabatyvanie basic behavioral algorithms necessary for the survival of the organism.

During this period, the human mind serves the needs of the body — provides basic needs, build relationships with others. Only after the first three levels, the human mind becomes necessary in order to understand the complexity of planetary processes. That gives us an understanding of the different levels of consciousness?

We are able to discover on your own experience and observations, the difference in levels of consciousness — it is a reality in which we live, whether people realize it or not, whether we like the idea, or do we see it as chauvinistic and backward …

Understanding and wise use of esoteric information that can bring us real benefits. If a person is aware that the level at which it is consciousness, it can be more usefully to choose a career, a life partner, friends and more. At the same time, he will do well at work, have a good relationship in the family and feel a sense of satisfaction with life. If a person is not able to really appreciate the level of consciousness, it will decide on the choice of work, position, life partner based in the first place from some other (social) reasons — and as a result will get in conflict and problem situation and do not understand why this is so.

Understanding of the fact that all the people around us have different levels of consciousness, really helps us to avoid difficult and painful situations. A huge number of divorces is due to the fact that the pair were people with different levels of consciousness, and therefore with a different outlook, different interests in life, different needs and so on.

And any attempt to psychologists, sociologists, sexologists and other experts to help this pair fail, because the root of their problems lies in a fundamentally different view of the world, which can not be changed in five minutes.

Of course, you can make a person to live on other people, alien to itself, the laws and principles, but feel this person is going to be terrible. Understanding of their own level of consciousness of great help in the selection of work.

If a person has a level of a merchant, he will be successful in business, marketing, and less successful in the development of something or its management. The man with the level of the Warrior — on the contrary, will feel good in the development and leadership, but he will not be comfortable in marketing or business. People with the level of consciousness of Magicians will best feeling in science, research, learning anything …

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