The doors to the past and the future



You can get lost in the forest, the desert, the mountains, the sea, at last. But is it possible to get lost in time?

Devil's place

May 3, 1757 Alberto Gordonii gardener digging tulip bulbs, and suddenly … suddenly disappeared. Only 22 years later, he returned, and looked every bit their elderly. Gordonii wife decided that was the illegitimate son of a scoundrel Alberta, to take possession of the property. Although Gordonii tried to talk about his misadventures, his wife did not believe him. He eventually ended up in a psychiatric hospital, where the doctor only after seven years of insight into the thought of his crazy story. Albert told him that he got into a tunnel at the end of which saw a human-like creature, the hair on the head of which were like dandelion fluff. "Dandelion" Alberto has signaled that he fell into a "crack" in time to get him back will not be easy, but he will try to …

The doctor convinced the judge of the town Toscani, carabinieri and other respected people to conduct an experiment that could exonerate Alberto in the eyes of their fellow citizens. Gordonii in front of hundreds of people once again stepped up to the same place and … disappeared again, but this time for good.
When I read this story, I thought, well, why not first throw a stone? Silly succeeded. His wife lost her second husband, and shocked Tuscans fenced "diabolical place" with an iron chain, so that no one there will no longer hit.

Chronal portals

The existence chronal portals ("cracking time") confirms the strange story that is stored in the archives of the city of Marseille. In 1951, a young Belgian Bernadette Laurel spent their holidays there. One day she wandered into the old park, sat on a bench and suddenly I saw a small church nearby, as if grown from the ground.
Surprised Bernadette went to the church and found a small cemetery. Now, instead of sand paths and manicured lawns of the park in front of it appeared crooked crosses. The girl was going to turn back already, when he came out of the doors of the church the funeral procession, consisting of poorly dressed people.
Bernadette ran away in terror back. And when looked, neither the church nor the cemetery have not seen!

Miss Laurel turned to the city archives. It turned out that before the French Revolution in this place bury the poor. Then, the cemetery was abandoned, and at the end of the last century, it broke the park.

Bernadette told his story to reporters. Article accidentally caught the eye of Professor Bergier, a disciple of the famous Camille Flammarion, who devoted many years to the study of anomalous phenomena. Bergier asked the assistant professor of neurology and psychiatry, University of Marseilles Deshanu Paul and asked him to conduct an investigation.
Later meticulous parapsychologists reached the police archives of Marseille. They were interested in cases of unexplained disappearances in the area of the park where Bernadette was walking. It turned out that in the past five years there have disappeared without a trace 28 people! They probably irretrievably stuck in the past.

But, alas, open the "door" to the XIX century and failed.

Jacques través, please to the light

Then Deschamps decided to continue the investigation in a different direction. If the "door to the past" opened periodically, it is quite possible penetration nowadays people there … Where to find them? Of course, in a mental hospital! ..

Among the patients of the clinic for the mentally ill was a Jacques Herbs that six months ago was arrested for stealing bread. To look at the thief was 50 years old. He claimed that he was born in 1741 in a suburban village, worked as a loader in the port, was married. Once firmly drink with a friend, fell somewhere, and when I came, I decided that the hit to the light … A characteristic detail: Jacques is so thoroughly described the realities of life in the XVIII century that it could be the envy of the venerable historian.

Many archives and documents of the time the church seriously damaged during the French Revolution, so could not find information about the birth través. To investigate joined the medical department. It turned out that Trazesa no traces of smallpox vaccination. Immunity to tuberculosis and has a number of other infectious diseases in hronoputeshestvennika virtually absent.
These data, by order of the Minister of Health, were immediately classified as discontinued studies. "Stranger from the past" was transferred to another hospital, with a strict regime of detention, where he died of tuberculosis! ..

On board the ship!

Even in our days in the Indian Ocean one cargo ship was in a severe storm that suddenly ended. The sun shone, and on the horizon old sailboat under a black pirate flag! Sailboat went to the rendezvous, and flew cargo ship boarding hooks, followed on board the ship, brandishing swords, pirates climbed … The captain had automatic weapons, had to take the fight. One pirate was killed, others fled in terror. When a cargo ship arrived at the port of destination, it turned out that he was late for two whole months! Shipowner threatened a huge penalty, and the captain — dismissal. And then he showed the ship's log, grappling hooks and a saber. Metallurgical examination showed that the hooks and saber made of metal smelted technology XVII century. The captain was acquitted!

Guests from the Future

Cases of a different kind, when in our time were those of … future. One such hronoputeshestvennik was in the USSR in 1946 from 2010, the! He was identification with a color photo, which in 1948 was not there, but in his pockets during a search police found cigarettes "Marlboro" and a few other things that in the year just could not be. Man took security officers, and one of the officers present at the (then Lieutenant), has today told the ace is his daughter …

Author: M.Prasitsky
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Oracle" № 11

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