The drone land in Omsk (December 9)



From the author: "At night 09/12/2012 when went to bed, he heard a loud rumble, the first thought that the plane, but the buzz lasted about 10 minutes, and then decided to capture it up for the camera. Outskirts of the city of Omsk, the buzz came from the opposite side of the city center."

Airport near there, he on the other end of town. In comments to the video suggest that maybe it CHP — 5? resets pairs in cooling towers.



One of the users wrote that for the past three days, hears similar in Krasnoyarsk: "I Krasnoyarsk 3 consecutive days for a hearing in a residential area. Plants away, and the sound from the sky heard. Thought planes often fly and went to the balcony yesterday decided to listen. And I realized that it's not a plane. continued to hum long hair in exactly the same here as in the video.? "

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