The era of cyborgs will start after 2030


Gaining popularity in recent robotic artificial limbs (prostheses neurointerfaces) will be the beginning of the "era of cyborgs" — union of man and machine, gradually merging into symbiosis. In a few decades, such limbs become commonplace, and the possibility of neurointerfaces grow many times.

Analysts point out that people are not only able to build a machine, but also integrated into the machine. Augmented reality system can provide a large amount of flow previously unavailable information and experience, education, skills and abilities of people drastically increase.

Widespread cyborgs, most likely, it is quite distant future, but the technology foundation of these changes will be incorporated in 2030.


This prediction is contained in a regular forecast of the National Intelligence Council USA, which describes the long-term strategic trends for the next two decades. U.S. intelligence analysts publish this forecast at intervals of 4-5 years.

The new report on global trends to 2030 (Global Trends 2030) and a chapter devoted to the development of medical technologies, described as "kiborgizovannoe the future of humanity."


In recent years, science has made great strides in prosthetics. Today neurointerfaces connecting the artificial robotic limb with the nervous system of the recipient, have ceased to be a fantasy.


Analysts of the National Intelligence Council, the U.S. believe that the relationship between man and machine in 2030 will go much further. For example, people will be able to modify their bodies as easily as today operations are carried out by cosmetic surgery.

Future retinal implants will see in the dark, and advanced neurointerfaces will manage a complex technique to memorize large amounts of information and make quick calculations. And all of this along with such "trifles" like superhuman physical strength, speed, and other abilities that are not possible without artificial enhancements of the body.


Remote-controlled machines and robotic limbs provide feedback, touch, smell, that is able to transmit sensations familiar to us through the robot sensors.

In the security field such grandiose changes may be as large-scale change. There will be new threats to increase the value of cybersecurity, dramatically increase the possibility of high-tech armies.

In addition, from the document can be understood that if the forecasters of the National Intelligence Council USA are right, the gap between developed and developing countries will be so deep that it can be compared with the life of people of the Stone Age and the inhabitants of the modern metropolis like Tokyo.


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