The first time, the exercises will be involved in SOUTH new automatic control system of Barnaul-T

More than 1.5 million military personnel and more than 600 units. military and special equipment combined arms air defense units SOUTH displayed on the testing ground for exercise test firing at air targets in the criteria, it is very close to the fighting.

As said, the press service of the South Military Area, for the first time in step scoring firings for all part Fri control of air defense battery shell Fri (CP) to CP Military Area will be launched a new automatic system control (TPC) "Barnaul-T" received by the troops of the neighborhood at the end of 2011.

With the help of units will work elements of the interaction in the reflection air strikes in the area of responsibility Military Area.

The main tasks to be solved by ACS "Barnaul-T": aerial reconnaissance purposes, reception and display of disk imaging on the traffic situation, target distribution and target designation to destroy air targets.

Bimbo system Control is compatible with all existing and new parks and sources of anti-aircraft radar air defense units, increasing their mobility and survivability. ACS built as separate modules that are based on light armored multipurpose tractor and car "KAMAZ".

ACS "Barnaul-T" on its own performance, reliability, and the number of tasks at once is unique in the world, all-weather package can operate at an altitude of 3 thousand meters above sea level.

Practical exercises conducted under field output will be based on the combat training centers implement the air defense forces, "Kapustin Yar" in Astrakhan region and range air defense training center of the Army in New Jersey.

Exit to the field army air defense batteries and calculations involved in anti-aircraft missiles (SAMs) "Buk-M1" air defense missile system "Thor" SAM "Wasp", anti-aircraft missile and gun complex "Tunguska" SAM "Strela-10" and MANPADS "Needle", said the press service of the South Military Area.

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