The hurricane knocked nearly 400 trees in St. Petersburg

Hurricane that raged in St. Petersburg on Monday night, threw in about 400 trees, the press service of the city committee on improvement.

"Experts landscaping plants in St. Petersburg actively eliminate the consequences of night storm, in which felled a total of 390 trees. Experts Committee saw and take out the fallen trees. Works will be completed in the coming days," — said in a release.

Most of the strong wind hit resort area, there were 60 trees felled. In the Moscow region fell 25 trees in the Petrograd district — 22, Vasileostrovskiy — 12, in Vyborg — 14.

On Monday night a strong wind gusts of about 20 meters per second, damaged radio equipment on the tower. Because of a storm warning in the city and a summer garden Michael, did not go akvabusy the Neva.

Weather forecasters predict thunderstorms and strong winds in St. Petersburg to 18 meters per second on Tuesday and Wednesday. MOE reminds residents and visitors to follow safety measures in bad weather conditions.

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