The last typhoon Talas cut off the north edge of Primorye

Vladivostok residents can not return to the north of Primorye blurry because roads Photos: from the site venividi.ruLast typhoon "Tala", caused a lot of troubles in Japan, has brought destruction and Primorye. Having given one day about a month rainfall, he literally cut from the north edge of Primorye.

Thus, in the area of fuzzy Terneisky many sections of roads, damaged bridges. People who went to their cars to fish in local waters, and now can not return home, according to RIA Novosti words anglers from Vladivostok Alexander Kuzmin.

— After a series of typhoons Siberian village Terneysky area due to damaged bridges and eroded sections of roads have been cut off from the world, and the many tourists and anglers have become hostages of the situation — said Alexander.

According to him, today is completely restored car traffic between the regional center of Terni and the northern village Amgu. The few hotels in this area is already overcrowded, and because people are forced to live in tents and their cars waiting for the repair of the road.

— At night, in the north of Primorye is cool, and many do not have warm clothes — said Kuzmin fisherman. — In addition, we ran out of food and money, and the ATM in the village Amgu not.

Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the seaside, the evacuation of tourists and fishermen are now engaged authorities Terney District, who also determines the power and placement.

Rescuers say that warned of the possible consequences of the typhoon in advance, but our people on long journeys decided not to give up, and calls to do so rescuers ignored. So, in fact, in the current situation, people are guilty.

— We offered to get to Vladivostok on the helicopter, but the people refused to give up their cars — say in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Now local authorities restore the road. Owners of SUVs, by the way, have already returned home, and the drivers and passengers of cars are so far while away in prison.


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