The memory of the soul

November 23, 2011 13:24

Soul on the path of ascension is a huge number of worlds, both subtle and dense. In them, she gets her own experience and try on "clothes" of different bodies, different life forms, species and races. Of the vegetable kingdom, lo highly divine structures and civilizations. The experience gained in these lives and worlds, can be called soul memory.

Soul memory must awaken to us, no one could be misleading. If we know the past, the path, we can take full advantage of a wealth of experience and solve any, even the most complex issues and challenges. And the main problem we have now — it's revival of Russia and the purification of Mother-Earth from space and spiritual parasites viruses of all kinds.

During the spiritual dawn, after reigning Night of Svarog in Slavic movement there is a huge amount of "tively charged" "Magi" and "teachers", disguised native Slavic faith and acting on those heroes, a real interest in our culture. These "wise men" use Slavonic characters, runes on their banners and banners, knowing that everything that can attract awakening Slavs. How not to get on the "bait" of these "priests", or simply inadequate zaslantsev characters, except that self-love, make money, and the adepts of worship, nothing in fact not necessary. Neither the spiritual help and protection going, no real ministry of nature nor the Almighty ..

Bypass the trap of introducing the next "Veda" or striking historical "revelations" that will help us Soul Memory, the memory of their past lives. Probably because all those heart goes back to its roots, feels not surmountable thrust to our past pre-Christian period, lived at the time, their hearts were burning love, and to where we were good, we always want to come back. Our souls remember and know that happiness for Rod and Race will only be when we live by the Pocono our distant fathers. Awakened Soul Memory tells about the time of the beautiful and glorious Great Russia and we see it all with my own eyes, as if it were yesterday .. So people are not needed any more books or meeting with a "knowing" and "dedication" .. Veda and they see what it once. And while we do not remember and do not know his past can inspire us anything — and silly about the pagans, and about blood sacrifices and about the lack of writing and so on.
What is Memory of Soul and why you need to wake her, we might have understood. Now you need to understand how to do this?


To all peoples and races in the world, came his Master and Savior. They brought the lost knowledge of the Vedas and the reviving bright flame of divine light in man. Main foundation of spiritual development and improvement of all cultures on Earth — is the moral and ethical principles and canons. Living on them, a spiritual man grows and evolves. He has awakened the sleeping capacity unnecessarily thin bodies are cleaned of adhering dirt and mud. Uncleanness of the modern world — it is hypocrisy, lies, hatred, depravity, cruelty, etc. bezserdechnost Theoretically, it is very easy — Living the Truth, because people lived during the Vedic Russia. If we pass the test of overcoming the evils in themselves and do not accept lies, begin to care about other people, his people, the Earth, their own culture, reject hypocrisy (say that you love animals and eat meat, is the real hypocrisy), to strive for truth and spiritual purity and have a fairly strong intent to Awakening the Soul Memory — is a natural process of interaction and work with the Soul.

The man, in consequence of purity of thought, naturally awaken dormant cells and is recollection of past lives, and all (or many) of wandering souls across the expanses of the universe. The cleaner the inner purity, the more power and opportunities for interaction with the Soul. Man is able to "see" the heart is of insight.
So to summarize the above, we can state that the memory of the soul to awaken to — Home:

1. Solid and strong, resolute intention.
2.Zhizn on the moral and ethical canons and purity of intention.

Attention! Is not considered an artificial opening soul memory, which is also possible when working and interacting with the "dark" forces, as it ultimately leads to zakableniyu, fall and possible death of the soul and the man himself.

There are also practices associated with breathing, thinking and consciousness. Every day, though — at least a few minutes a day, at bedtime, calm breathing to remember for today's day, from this moment on, going back to the past. Remember what was, for example, three days ago, a week, month, year, years, etc., up to the childhood. Next, is the inclusion of the brain cells responsible for memory and as a result the memory of forgotten moments still very infancy. People can even remember their natal experience. Constantly training the memory, we dive deeper and deeper into the "abyss" subconscious and open the door leading to the memories of when the soul was still in the Otherworld. And so it goes, the more awakened memory, the more you can look in the library of the Soul. The combination of this technology, as well as solid and strong intention, life in truth, certainly gives a positive result!

For those who are associated with the European and Scandinavian culture, can assist in the awakening of soul memory work with runes. It is worth noting that working with runes, also restores Racial and ancestral memory. Rune is a gift from the gods for the people of the white race. They help us in the spiritual ascent and the perception of the world, the world of the gods and the universe. For serious and productive work with runes to Odin's blessing and protection, our ancestors of who brought the gift of understanding the people of our race runes.

How do you know whether you are connected with the runes?
Everything is simple — a person associated with the runes, feel them, feel their energy, the heat coming from them and drive them. Wants to understand their mysteries. With these obvious factors can safely begin to work with them. Rune Otal (Ancestral Heritage), can help awaken ancestral memory, Algiz, is associated with World Tree and interacts with the soul in different levels of existence. When working with the runes, you can perform different types of practices:

— Runic meditation. Using candles, deep breathing, meditation and Imagery Otal Algiz. During one session, work with one rune.
— During meditation, contemplation, and also helps to work with the characters.
— Made of wood and lit own Blood (Force), a person can wear them myself. Rune should also grind coal from Sacred ritual Ohnište. It must pass through the interaction with all the elements.

Attention! Rune use for profit, not for spiritual development and self-discovery and spiritual help to people doing great damage and leads to negative results and consequences.
All wisdom, understanding, awareness, and love, which will help to open the library of our souls and know yourself!

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