The military budget of the United States in 2012 is 662 billion. Bucks

The military budget of the United States in 2012 is 662 billion dollars

Press Service of the white houses said that Barack Obama, the U.S. president signed a law on the Pentagon's budget for 2012.

The budget of the Congress of South American defense establishment was set at $ 662 billion, which is $ 27 billion less than requested by the administration in February and by 43 billion less than was allocated in the last fiscal year. Reductions are due to the general decrease in municipal spending.

Budget has a number of foreign policy amendments, the most important of which is the possibility of termination of assistance to Pakistan in the amount of 700 million U.S. State Department had previously said that the law on the defense department budget does not freeze the aid, but only provides for this possibility if the U.S. and Islamabad have not reached agreement on the Suppression supply of materials and components for the production of improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan.

Another amendment to the budget associated with the introduction of sanctions against Iran. United States sanctions list is constantly expanding, and Congress decided to support the efforts to isolate Iran. Parliamentarians in the law on the military budget included a paragraph on sanctions that focus on the persecution of American foreign country money institutions that continue to cooperate with the Iranian Central Bank. According to this amendment, the president of the United States, as appropriate, shall have opportunities to announce the introduction of sanctions. MPs almost doubled mechanism of sanctions applied by the State Department and the U.S. Treasury.

In Congress, the biggest controversy was caused by the 2 other amendments. The first of them concerns the criterion of accused terrorists in jail and allows consideration of cases of such prisoners civilians courts. This amendment adopted at the insistence of the presidential administration, which is already a couple of years trying to reach the bullpen to close the Guantanamo Bay, also for cases of prisoners held there. Who is the head of the Defense Ministry and the U.S. attorney general, according to the law newcomer can without the help of others to decide who will consider the case itself accused: court-martial or civilian tribunal.

Second controversial amendment was to give the U.S. government the right to detain in custody at the right time for the investigation of terrorist suspects foreigners and people of the United States. But Congress decided that address such issues can only supreme tribunal.

The administration sent to Congress in February economical request to conduct military operations zabugornyh asked to allocate 118 billion bucks. Of these 110 billion were consumed by the war in Afghanistan, while 16 billion — To maintain troop presence in Iraq. Price of these military operations in 2010 and 2011 budgets was estimated at 130 and 160 billions of dollars respectively. Under President George W. Bush, once a year for these wars spent about $ 180 billion.

In the request the administration noted that the new budget was compiled based economy $ 78 billion dollars by freezing or elimination of programs, generally recognized to be ineffective and outdated.

"By funding cuts hit several command centers of the Air Force, programs for the development of certain weapons, as a number of programs for upgrading the Navy … In addition, the budget is meant redirect released as a result of abbreviations 100 billion dollars on areas that have the highest value. Among them: extra equipment and resupply razvedstruktur, building surveillance systems, ships, new armored vehicles, the creation of a new type of high-frequency satellites, as work on the F-35 — stealth fighter jets ", — stated in the bill.

Also, the Pentagon expects in 2012 to save 13 billion dollars by eliminating unclaimed works and so referred to as "niche" weapons and technology.

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