The most powerful army in the world, one patient was frightened woman?

September 10, 2012 15:52

The most powerful army in the world, one patient was frightened woman?Can anyone imagine this — one of the most powerful armies in the world was scared of a single and also obviously sick woman? But that's what happened in 1939, when an American general was not able to find justice on some woman living in the desert. It happened one morning in July in Alabama …

Witness what happened — a former FBI agent — until very recently, did not tell anyone about the incident from the 1939. He did it just recently in the Mexican edition of the magazine "OVNI", when he felt that getting older and may not have time to tell anyone about the mysterious event.

In those early years the security agency worked closely with the military on the implementation of several projects. Then one day an FBI agent and his staff have been notified that some fortune teller said the colonel, he held senior positions, some information about his work .. This information has been classified as top secret.

Colonel reported this case to his superior, who in turn passed all the information to Washington. Thence called the FBI, and the investigation began.

Our witness was sent to lead the work on the subject, and he had to go to a rural area in the state of Alabama, where she lived the estimated fortune teller. Along with him there, just in case the other two went to the agent.

Upon arrival, they saw a woman sitting in the hallway of his house. The agent pulled out his ID and showed it to the woman. Then asked for some document the lady, and she told them who she was.

The agents asked the women to answer some questions, but before we started talking, she smiled and said that, first, it is not fortune teller.

Surprised agent answered that nobody said that it is not. The woman, still with ulybko'y noticed this, so that it is, no one talked about it, but, apparently, this is the question on his mind. This statement is totally confused our FBI agent, because he really just thought about it.

Assistance does not have time to take a step in the direction of a woman when he was suddenly grabbed and it all fits fine trembling.

As for the woman, she continued to sit quietly in his chair, as if nothing had happened, and then with the same calmness turned to the master agent, if he is going to do something against it, none of them can get out of this house.

Seeing this situation, the main agent told her that he would no longer try to take her away with him. And as if by magic, febeerovets, cramped, immediately came to, as it were with him, and nothing happened. After that the woman warned that he knew of their intention to return to it with a great help, but if it happens, it refuses to take the consequences. Also stressed that he would not be anywhere for discussions, and added that she can show them what can happen if they bother her again. The agent asked her to clarify what is at stake. The woman explained that it needs to select the uninhabited place, an area of about two hundred and fifty square miles. Febeerovtsy should post offices in all four corners of the territory and to come the next day to tell her how it's done.

At this point, agents thought it best to leave this house as soon as possible. They left the woman and went to the FBI headquarters, where in a report presented about everything going on.

They contacted the military chief and told him of the document. After a few hours in the FBI office was a general, and said he intended to fulfill the requirements of this woman, do away with all nonsense and arrest her. He also said that the military have some ranges in the desert, and they have already fulfilled all of its instructions.

Early in the morning the next day, General by telephone said that everything is ready and done exactly as it was said, and this area is free. Then, along with an FBI agent, he went to the house of a woman. And when they came to her, she calmly waited for them, sitting all on the same chair.

Both men got out and approached the house. Agent barely said a few words, presenting the general, when a woman interrupted him and said that knows who he is and what is does. She then asked whether all done, she ordered. The general replied in the affirmative.

The woman inquired whether aircraft fly over the area, and was told that the airspace is blocked. She gave him a meaningful look have asked whether it originates. General has confirmed that he is in, sure.

No one had a clue about what's going to happen.

General asked when she is going to show them what they have promised.

Mysterious woman confined to the answer that you're all set. General, in turn, said that if she ventured for a simple circus, he personally come to arrest her and take him to jail.

The woman just smiled said that if he or anyone else will be back again to annoy her or even some forgotten thing, today's demonstration will seem nothing compared to what will happen.

Both men came out and everyone went to the places of their service. General called the test zone and ordered a reconnaissance tour of the area and its surroundings, and report all unusual that there she would meet.

Soon … captain was informed that in this area there are no signs of life, as all the plants have died, and the same thing happened with insects and small animals, and the birds that fly over the area and fell dead on the fly.

The general said all this to the FBI agents who had gathered on this occasion in his headquarters, and gave strict orders that the no particle of this information has not left the walls of this room.

From this point of the case come from the military. The general also gave orders that no one, under any circumstances, do not approach the house of the woman. Since none of the employees of the FBI, which had been initiated into the merits of the case with anyone on this subject did not speak and did not lead the conversation, as far as our witness, a retired FBI agent, no one troubled woman by their appearance, and did not try to enter it in Contact.

The informant is well aware that all told like a thriller or a passage from a science fiction novel, but says that's the way it was. The answer to the question, what was this woman, probably, can be found in the archives of the FBI.

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