The museum chupacabra in Ukraine naughty poltergeist



Anomalous school "Cryptozoology Museum" (now called popularly as the "Museum of the Chupacabra") in Romny Sumy region has undergone abnormal "attacked" unknown force.

On Sunday, December 9 at night poltergeist or something unknown mysteriously destroyed part of the museum. Detect objects in the picture samoperedvizheniya Monday morning with the start of school, eyewitnesses say the least, dumbfounded.

— Traces of human penetration into the museum were found. The morning of December 10 at 8.45 am in the presence of two witnesses had seen the horizontal movement (2-3 cm) of one of the exhibit (the book). All other exhibits (3000) remained intact, — says Vladimir Litovka initiator museum, a biology teacher and researcher of anomalous phenomena.


— Earlier fell flag souvenir, changed the position of the picture (without frames). These phenomena significance was attributed. The mystery is the selective action of the force. On Saturday I spent in the museum occupation Junior Academy of Sciences for young people. Before leaving, all the exhibits have been corrected. Separately (the children noticed and confirmed today) exactly were stacked three books that were lying sideways. On Monday, they (the book) again had the original position. While no one at the museum complex is not cleaned.


— A lot of the mystical. — Says V.Litovka — Some of the exhibits have fallen from the top tier are not turned over. There was a land is scattered with graves "Chupacabra." But capacity is not rolled over, and the land was left in it. Bioramki behave differently.

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