The mysterious death of birds in Perm. Picture story

None of my friends as a result of bird watchers and could not explain to me, what is the mass death of birds in the second half of last summer in the city of Perm. People have called and emailed me, sent the photo. Various sparrows and pigeons were found to of the mountains, in the center, Zaimka …

Typically, corpses lay groups: a few pieces in an area of a few square meters, mainly on the lawns under the tree, sometimes — on the pavement. Some days in August wipers on Lenin Street swept from their uchkastkov dead birds in the morning dozens.

And visually it was clear that this summer sparrows and tits in Perm was smaller.

Unfortunately, no laboratory tests conducted, the cause of death remains unknown. Curious. Either way, a sign of ominous …

Photos — Alexander Zhelnin

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