The opposition is preparing for the formation of election commissions

The Brest region created 986 polling stations in the presidential elections. Representatives of the democratic opposition, while emphasis on the collection of signatures, but in parallel with this work are beginning to nominate their representatives to election commissions.

Representatives of political parties point out that the district commissions are very important to monitor the vote. That district commissions are directly counted and reported the results to the regional commission. Therefore, the party already started to make an effort to highlight the maximum number of representatives on the committees. The chairman of the Brest regional BPF Dmitry Szymanski:

"Every election we allocate a lot of members of our party in the commission, but most often included only a few. On this election We set a goal to advance the area of about 100 members in our district commissions. And it is very interesting to see how many people will be included and will be able to really monitor the vote count. "

The head of the Brest city organization of the party "Fair World" Ludmila Denisenko notes that, as shown by the last election, many opposition leaders were not included in the commissions. In this later case, the forces are distributed on the observation

"From our part of the city party committee will be sent to 15 people. I think that we will negotiate with the representatives of the other parties, our actions and steps to nominate people to the commissions. We offer UCP and BSDPG allocate one commission for a few people. But another question, whether the authorities will take our representatives in the commissions? Unknown. "

"We have no way to ensure that all areas of the home"

At present, between the democratic forces of an agreement within the framework of the campaign "For Fair Elections". Said the leader of the regional party BSDPG Igor Maslowski:

"According to the agreement, from the democratic forces will have about 150 people in the district commissions. Opposition next step — an observation. Frankly, we have no way to ensure that all areas of the home. But some will be monitored around the clock."

According to the policy, after the plan to compare the results on the sections that will be monitored, with the results of other sites.

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