The participation of aliens in the construction of stone tomb

November 18, 2011 21:22

The legendary Stone Grave. Ten minutes from Melitopol. Fantastic pile of huge boulders. Looks much better than the statues of Easter Island, and even the famous Inca city of Machu Picchu. No scientist in the world did not give even the slightest acceptable version: where did it come from the steppes of Ukraine? .. 
Famous sayings legendary Makhno — "Oh, in the gate — we were not the set, which is a pity …" (from memory).

Hence people go … 

This prehistoric monument psychics feel thanks outgoing streams of light energy. It can also record satellite. Therefore energy sandy outcrop high with five-story building has long attracted people. This is where you can read "Vasya was here." Ten thousand years ago left their signs and messages primitive people.
Examine the stone tombs — that is evident in the first place? That's right, the mysterious inscription.
These petroglyphs first sketched at the beginning of 1887 the St. Petersburg professor Veselovsky. And to understand them properly archaeologist Otto Bader in 1950. Judging by the images of mammoths, woolly rhinoceroses, cave bears and lions, people visited the stone graves another 14 thousand years ago!
But Bader saw petroglyphs also touches … mysterious Sumerian writing! So they were like the cuneiform characters from the textbook German archaeologist Arno Pebelya "Fundamentals of Sumerian Grammar" (1923).

The Nazis knew something!

It is known that Hitler, intending to attack the world, blessed and gave hordes of scientists who needed to find a magical justification Nazi forces. They dug around the globe, from the pyramids of Egypt and ending necropolises Nibelungen.
It is no accident during the occupation of Ukraine sudden interest in the stone graves showed Nazi who oversaw the institution of "Ahnenerbe" ("Ancestral Heritage") Reichsführer Himmler. He looked like an ancient stone tombs sacred monument … Aryan.
That is why, when the fall of 1941 the Wehrmacht seized Melitopol, experts arrived here "Ahnenerbe", organized in 1942-43. Stone Grave excavation. The results of the studies published so far.

Hence it is understandable interest fascists to stone tombs — residents Arratia — Aryans — German sverhnatsii alleged ancestors. Arno Pebel after the war he was interned in the United States, where he died in 1957, he did not shed light on the details of his work in Ukraine. Herman Wirth in the late 70's has promised to publish a work that is a result of his life, but the giant manuscript «Palestinabuch» was kidnapped in unclear circumstances — whether there were present information on stone graves or not — will remain a mystery … But do not no chance to find out exactly what you were looking for two lights nitsistskoy science during the war near Melitopol? What is needed to drill holes in the rock and make pits not far from the temple?

"Here we may be on the verge of opening another mystery —
wrote in his forum thread Lyudmila Trunova, astrologer and researcher from Kiev — Given the fact that the ancient sanctuary — Stone Tomb millennia was especially revered place for many ancient peoples, there is every reason to believe that somewhere there must be the rulers of the ancient necropolis Aratta — proto-Sumerian kings, and perhaps even an entire underground palace treasury. Excavations show! In the meantime, I and a group of like-minded initiative, in early July the expedition plan to Melitopol. The work will be carried out with various esoteric areas, researchers — and academician Yu.Shilova invite to participate in our hazardous pursuits. "

We only know that in the grotto Dogs German experts failed to read 40 "proto-Sumerian inscriptions." It is their our compatriot scholar AG Kifishin in his "ancient sanctuary. Stone Grave. Attempt to decrypt the archive proto-Sumerian "(Kiev. 2002) dates 6200 BC And since "the story begins with the Sumerians," that archaeologists agree with Kifishina that at the end of IV century BC Sumerians left the Lower Dnieper to Mesopotamia, and they were replaced by … Trypillians.

But what is most interesting in the stories of the Sumerians — it says that their legendary exodus took place after their historic homeland "descended from heaven, the celestial chariot of the gods." They came with a cultural mission in the Stone Grave. And taught protoshumerov write, cultivate fields and build.

Cosmonaut Leonov seen aliens?

Just VI millennium BC dates back to man-made pattern on the plate number 37 Stone Grave (tourists it shows) — cylinder with a rounded top and a pointed bottom, standing on three legs, and consisting of several sections, two of which have windows. Shaped spaceship from the past, other researchers do not find an explanation.

And after 8000 years (!) Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov painted in 1965 film "Ahead — Luna" with exactly the same rounded top cylindrical device on three pillars, to land on the surface of Earth's natural satellite. With the same composite sections and windows.

The similarity of the more striking that the painting of the jet engine braking device to the side scatter ground. And on both sides of the "Leonov tripod" shows the same traces that in figure number 37! Where such an incredible coincidence?
If this type of petroglyph was one, it still can be attributed to the imagination of the primitive artist (or a fantasy astronaut).
But how should the composition of the UFO later time — III century BC — № 7 of the grotto Stone Grave?
It is carved boat, over which hovers in the sky … spindly object. And there is not any cloud — the ancient engraver tried to do hard work, the shaded background in order to show this massive case of UFOs. And in case engraved curved line as a symbol of the movement. As a result, an object like a "flying up the torch."

UFO is. Proven! 

Coincidence that exactly this UFO wrote in his "Natural History" Roman scholar Pliny the Elder (23-79 years). "In 66 BC, the consulate Gnaeus Octavius and Gaius Suetonius, was seen a shooting star. That in the fall increased in size, and reaching values of the Moon (!) And dispersed into a sort of a white cloud, and then turned into a torch, returned to heaven. This phenomenon was proconsul Silenus and his entire entourage. "
No less interesting image on the plate number 19 stone graves. Computer processing petroglyph modern scientists identified a unique aircraft — "diskolet" with such technical details, how would envy modern NASA and other space monsters. And all the details apparatus drawn in detail!
By the way, drawing on the proverbial plate number 37, where the UFO is shown in the background most of Stone Grave, to the smallest detail with the ancient Chinese character for "Housing son of heaven." China preserved relic letters drawing — a missile stands on the hill, as the take-off site …
By the way, fake, innuendo in this case are completely excluded international examinations …

Ukraine bequeathed super technology 

In favor of the extraterrestrial origin of Stone Grave convincing and that the Sumerians and Chinese historians ascribe priority invention of the wheel, the art of making boats and musical instruments, dig wells and build defensive walls.
Surprisingly, the Sumerian priests repeatedly sent an expedition to the "our" stone graves. Last time — in 2517 BC according to the interpretation of the famous Sumerologist Kifishina.
And around 2600 BC legendary "civilize" the ancient Chinese, according to the Taoist canon, leaving them forever in his "dragon" and turned into a star again Syanyuan (the constellation Leo). That is, both events occurred almost simultaneously!
Is it because only the Sumerians and ancient Chinese were so advanced astronomical tradition that introduced her to the "gods of heaven"?
Sumerians were known even comparative sizes of the planets, as well as the type and color of the atmosphere from space! Not to mention the form of the Earth from orbit! And when, in December 1973, the U.S. NASA is ready to get information from the space probe "Pioneer 10" of Jupiter, Sumerian culture scholar Zecharia Sitchin passed NASA relevant descriptions of Jupiter and other "outside" of the planets by the Sumerians. These data were confirmed!
Where did this information not knowing telescope Sumerians could learn, if not from UFO crews whose images are so carefully carved on the walls of Stone Grave for three thousand years?
Maybe we, Ukrainians, should pay careful attention to the heritage of the past. And suddenly there in the stone graves, stored messages, which will allow Ukraine to be the most highly developed and prosperous country in the world?

Atlantis in the steppes? 

Main mystery rock inscriptions in stone graves is not that, for what purpose, and when and by whom they were deposited, particularly trident. Even Plato mention of Atlantis — residents sunken continent of Atlantis. He called them "children of Poseidon." A symbol of Poseidon, as we know, it was a trident. Perhaps, after the destruction of Atlantis part of its inhabitants managed to escape and settled in uninhabited but fertile lands of Azov? And the name Slav — Antes gives another reason to think about this with you the origin …


Reserve "Stone Grave" was founded February 12, 1986 as a special environmental and historic area of national importance. An area of 15 hectares. Among the towering stone steppe plain bedding fantastic, some alien beauty. Today in the world, there is probably more ancient monument of culture history of mankind than the Stone Grave — he more than 12 million years!

In conclusion, it should be noted that the impact of the power spots on each person is individual. The people of harmonious, with light thoughts, places of power are beneficial, they feel their oneness with nature, and getting into the flow of energy, they feel it increases their energy potential, which they can send to the realization of their goals. For people aggressive, selfish, evil stay in places of power is not safe, as laid down in these destructive forces are increasing their action and turn against them. When people begin to approach the places of power, with them can be inexplicable at first glance things: they can attack very aggressive and anyone previously attacking pets, they can break a leg or something else or hurt quite out of the blue, my friends start no reason to quarrel with the scandal couples decide to divorce. Since power spots warn those who are not ready for their visit.

Author: Vladimir Woodchat 

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