The phenomenon of the invisible

In May 1876 in the streets of the Chinese city of Nanjing suddenly arose a terrible panic in the city there were invisible demons, cutting off people traditional braids. In vain the citizens hands covered his head, trying to save the hair — all to no avail. Panic spread to Shanghai, and then to other Chinese cities, where invisible forces started killing people in their sleep. Mass hysteria lasted about three years, and all these years a mysterious "evil spirit, cutting hair," was elusive Yet it was not the first case of its appearance — the documents show that the "invisible, ringworm hair", known in China as early as Dynasty Wei (477-517 years BC BC.).

In 1890, mass panic gripped Japan population was convinced that there was an invisible, causing injuries to people in the neck. The length of the cut was about an inch. European newspapers to publish such reports are usually written about this with indulgent humor — Asia, that it take the London "Daily Mail", for example, described with humor, as in Lahore Indian coolies are convinced there is a "mumiay" — invisible beings, that roams around and enough people on the streets of humor evaporated in 1922 when mass panic caused by stealth, there was in England, in London invisible hand grabbing young girls, cut off their hair and mysteriously disappeared.

Attempt to come to the aid of accident victims were unsuccessful. Nobody could explain the fact that in broad daylight in a major European city, people suddenly disappeared from the head of hair began to receive information about the mysterious injuries. April 23, 1922 the newspaper "People" published the correspondence of its reporters from the hospital "Cherring Cross" in London on April 16 went there a patient with knife wound in the neck. He was able to tell just how turned off the Coventry Street, received knife wounds and fell to the pavement. After a few hours in the hospital got a second patient who received a similar wound. Finally, the same day another man inexplicably was wounded at the same intersection … Historical data indicate that the meetings with the mysterious invisible occurred in the history of mankind in all ages and in many countries. Russian chronicles tell of the appearance in 1092 in Polotsk stealth kill people in the streets, and the mass panic caused by them: "In the year 6600 (1092). Predivno byst chyudo Polotsk: at night the sound of vstasha, on the street, like a chelovetsi that prowl demons. If anyone out vylezyashe horominy though to see abie'll hurt invisible plague of demons, and from that umirahu. And not smeyahu izlaziti of the choir. Therefore the same day nachasha yavlyatisya riding and whi see them themselves, but they see a horse hoof. And thus uyazvlyahulyudi Polotsk and its region. "

Interesting about stealth

In 1761, five women of the Italian village of Ventimiglia returned home with a bundle of firewood. Suddenly, one of them cried out, and fell down dead. Her companions came to the indescribable horror of what he saw: it seemed some terrible force in a second ravaged poor. Clothing and shoes were torn dead into small pieces and scattered around her body. On his head gaping gashes in some places were exposed skull. The right side was ripped, and the insides spilled out. Sacrum was fractured, and the head of the femur bone pulled out of its socket. Most of the internal organs was flattened … It looked as if the woman was the victim of a sudden silent explosion. On this occasion, it was suggested that the woman was a meteorite. In October 1873 in the United States, in Wisconsin, a young girl, who was standing in the street near the town of Menomonie mother suddenly felt like "someone clipped her hair close to the roots, and in doing so completely evaporate." A December 8, 1831 "New York Times" published the story of Captain German ship "Brehzee" about the strange occurrence in a storm in his eyes inexplicably one sailor was wounded in his head suddenly there was a wound four inches long, and he fell consciousness on the deck.

As published in 1860, "the narrative of the extraordinary events that took place with the children of Mr. Richard Dzhayla" describes cases of various stealth attacks on children in the same family once invisible, for example, was left on the face of one of the children Dzhayla bites. Another time, witnesses saw a terrible sight unseen hand around her neck choking the girl something increasingly squeezed, and the neck muscles of the girls could not see later other children of the family have repeatedly been the victims of attacks invisible once for one night only five witnesses saw "Twenty times someone invisible biting their hands.

They themselves are in no way able to do this, because all this time we watched them intently inspecting these bites, we found them in the next eighteen or twenty teeth. On the surface wounds were smeared saliva, the contours of which strongly indicated the touch of someone's mouth to the child's hand. The surface was wet, very wet, and with disgusting smell "like reading, inevitably recall stories and legends and fairy shapkenevidimke cloaks that made its owner invisible … The collection of medieval legends of Wales, for example, is the story of how Kasvaldon son of Beli , covered the magic cloth, making it invisible to deal with the leaders of hostile tribes. Falling to the ground, the enemies did not see his killer, only the blade of the sword, which has taken the materiality only for a moment before impact .. Something similar happened with the twenty South African farmer Jimmy de Bruin in August 1960. Invisible "gutted" for several days in a row. Police Commissioner John Wessels and three constables have seen Jimmy suddenly cried out in pain and his legs appeared wounds the next day in front of two police officers on his chest there was a deep cut, although the shirt remained intact. Wounds in different parts of his body appeared a few days. They were careful, as if made with a razor blade or scalpel.

In all cases, stealth attacks on people there is one common thing: the wounds appear on the body under clothing, on which there is no trace of cuts or punctures a satisfactory explanation of the phenomenon of "stealth" has not yet been found, however, even in 1092, the Russian chronicler had no doubt that wounds inflicted by an invisible hand — are "bitings" demons. And the intuition of our ancestors has been developed much better than us.

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