The phenomenon of the sudden expiration of various liquids

The phenomenon of the sudden expiration of various liquids from completely dry, often monolithic stone and wood walls mentioned in the Chronicles of the ancient Sumerian kingdom. No decreases its activity in these days, as evidenced by publications, including the purely scientific publications.

But, sadly, the witnesses, the researchers one of the most mysterious phenomena of nature are recognized in helplessness to explain the physical meaning of what is indecipherable for centuries.

In August 1885 numerous chorus of family district doctor Chariton Konstantinovich Suhogriva who entered the stone mansion, previously owned by chief mechanic distillery Samsonov was much puzzled by the appearance of wet stains on walls svezhevybelennyh basement. Intensive firebox all furnaces to remove traces of moisture, as well as checking the roof, which was in good condition, nothing. Weather also was a dry, sunny, eliminating "leprosy" Rain. While household-judged ryadili exactly how to do to remove mold suspiciously quickly blossomed, to the house settlers disaster struck, get rid of that it was impossible the next year and a half.

Mansion, all of its residential and non-residential flood swept. Younger children doctor closed the door in the living room, swam in two galvanized gutters. Chariton K., leaving details of months of misadventures, made no mention of the water. Indeed, far from the water, it turns out, was the flood. He was out of sour, vinegar became wine mixed with animal blood.

Due to the fact that the distillery and slaughtering plant sausage small factory located relatively close — less than a mile — ranking police officers in otryazhennye a respected doctor, started digging. But how much, on what depth or digging, earth turned around pristine dry.

Being a man of advanced views, an atheist doctor refused the services of a neighbor down the street Monti, the parish priest, Father Lawrence Mitrofanov, advised sanctify unclean house. Reddish, foul-smelling liquid, the top layer of which, as it turned out, was a tallow candle, was about scoops and dumped in landfills. Stearin in the hot sun melted, impregnated waste at night someone set fire. The flames rose above the roofs, the residents complained of pungent smoke required to disassemble Suhogriva house on the rocks, in the monolith which, in their view, worked tube feeding smelly liquid.

Suhogrivu had no choice but to meet the demands of exhausted, scared to death of neighbors. He brought the family to relatives. Reappeared prisoners. Work in full swing. Stopped as it Samsonov, a former owner of the mansion, forced to admit that got rid of the family home because tortured periodic "bleeding from the walls", which ended as abruptly as it begins. The mechanic also assured that no pipes in the walls has never been, and get wet and throw water stones masonry.

Final Suhogriva out fantastic. Samsonov took him to an abandoned Volga career, from taking large building monolithic gravel. There, the doctor saw lying on the ground surface boulders emit jets of water, with excellent, spring.

At the end of his days Chariton Suhogriv K., who died in Moscow in 1915, thinking abnormal events, showed a letter to colleagues of Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, whom he had known in his youth, whose views about the unfathomable accident claimed. Mendeleev, replying that has heard of such things, allowed their evidence as a rare bone mysteries of matter, as the application process of the water cycle.


Bugle — a kind of large beads, colored glass tubes that are used to decorate clothing, brought in large numbers of beating the walls and ceiling is amazingly clear water fountains in the shop Yekaterinburg merchant Alekseev in 1918. And despite the difficult revolutionary time the authorities had, without delay, to respond to the event, he immediately called the Orthodox believers miracle. The response, however, has turned sluggish, unable to give digestible interpretation. The people of the same throughout the week carried and carried from the house, called bead, bowls, bowls, buckets filled with sparkling like diamonds, mush.

Citizens are not left wondering what kind of power — heaven or earth — forcing fluid beat, as if from the nozzles of dry log roll, only 20-30 centimeters after lift mixing it, adding bugle? The outflow of water mixed with beads stopped suddenly on September 22, after a cold, jumping in the snow storm.

Already today, Italian explorer Giovanni Mezzo liquid poltergeists in the book "Water for no reason" called Yekaterinburg phenomenon (when the liquid in the separation of the "tricked out man-made objects materialized identical entities") are quite unique, never had no parallel anywhere. Mezzo opponents were quick to correct, in the sense that their opinions actually only for poltergeists. Alexis same house is free of poltergeist. If so, the vehicle which he was? Try to understand the example of the "oil house" in the city of Grozny.

Animals Green Oil

January 18, 1939. NKVD, who arrived late at night working on a farmstead creameries Suleiman Israilov were inordinately surprised the state of the walls of his mud-brick house. The walls collapsed on the eyes and very quickly, because they were richly saturated with oil. Oil, which had a greenish color, unnaturally dense, it also affects other. Bubble, squeezed himself out of tiny, the size of a thimble, frogs and tadpoles. Senior business executives authorized Captain Victor Reshetilovu had no choice but to evacuate residents and set fire to the structure.

The next day morning began excavations, showing that under the house no oil reservoirs is not and never was. Where that came from, did not argue. The new house, now made of brick, built up over the week. Do not have time to celebrate a new home, as oil was back, but not in the walls, and beyond. Victor Reshetilov informed superiors that oil green, foamy, with no living creatures, collected 360 cans, and then everything was in order so that the farmstead Israilov spring bloom fruit trees.

According to local lore Krasnodar VM Proskurina, from 1939 to 1967 in the city of Grozny has been fixed, at least eight cases of "oil" the end of oil fractions of clay, brick, wooden house designs.

The phenomenon of liquid discharge from anywhere so far has no explanation, even at the level of hypotheses. Riddle this nature? Undoubtedly. Nature, arranged according to the law of communicating vessels. If there was something to diminish, be sure somewhere something is added. Nature abhors a vacuum. And this has to be considered

Alexander Dmitriev

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