The principle of flying discs


Now it is no secret that at the turn of the 30's and 40's of the last century in Germany developed aircraft in the form of a disk. These devices are mentioned along with the other three types of "retaliation weapon" — a cruise missile "V-1" ballistic missile "V-2" and the atomic bomb.

Carried out after the end of the war in the United States experimented with disc-shaped aircraft showed that all known at the time engines are not good. But the Germans have such devices not only successfully raised in the air, but also demonstrated Terminations flight characteristics. What's the matter?


To answer this question, move to another continent. In the mid-1920s, a talented American physicist and inventor Thomas Townsend Brown (1905-1985) began work on the creation of an aircraft equipped with a motor, the effect of which was based on the principles of electrogravitics.

Brown discovered the relationship between the electric charge and gravitational mass. The result of his experiments was the discovery, now known as the effect of Biefeld — Brown's, which lay in the fact that an electrical capacitor will move towards the positive pole and will keep it going until it runs out. In fact, it was a question about the possibility of monitoring the gravitational forces and the creation on this basis of an aircraft of a new type.

In the process of experimentation Brown came to the conclusion that the most effective for electrogravitic flight is the ideal form of a disc or saucer. Manage traffic expected by partitioning into segments, each of which may be charged separately. Moving the charge on the limb, could cause the device to move in either direction.

Experimental demonstration flights Brown discs with a diameter of 1 meter or more around the tall masts with energizing the wires showed that before the leading edge of the disk to a low-pressure area. This area, like the buffer displaces the air in front of a flying disk, which eliminates the supersonic barrier, and the heating of the case.

In 1945, Hawaii Brown demonstrated his action gravitator and flying disc in-Chief U.S. Pacific Fleet, Admiral Arthur W. Redford. Immediately after the show there was a strange event — Brown out of the room all the records were stolen. A few days later, just as mysteriously records were returned.


From 1945 to 1952, on the activities of Brown's virtually nothing is known except that he returned to Los Angeles, where he founded the fund Eaunsenda Brown. In 1958, the fund unplanned visit to Air Force Maj. Gen. Victor Betrandias USA. After the visit, between it and the United States Air Force General Craig had a telephone conversation, a fragment of which we can play, "Betrandias:

— It's unbelievable, but on Friday I was with a man named Lear visited in the fund Townsend Brown, and you will not believe me, but I saw a flying saucer model. Craig:
— It can not be. Betrandias:
— I thought I should report it. Foundation staff long objected to my visit, and the organization has scared me, because it is headed by a group of individuals. I was there for about a half a second to five in the evening, I saw two models that had on me is a huge impression that I have decided that we need to find out who these people are and whether their legal union. Now these developments on the stage at which was at the beginning of the work to build an atomic bomb. Craig: — Clear. Betrandias:
— I was told that I should not tell you anything about what they saw, but I am afraid that I have believed in all this, because in this fund are not students sit.

They occupy a fairly well equipped room in Los Angeles. I thought that I should contact you. Craig:
— Yes, I'll do that and see what I can find out. " Rather, Betrandias collided with Brown's development fund under the "Winter Harbour" to create electrogravitic combat aircraft in the form of a disc that can reach speeds of Mach Three, which was twice the rate of the most powerful jet interceptor that time.

By the time the project was an unplanned visit in preparation for the official transfer of the military authorities. The draft text describes Brown as test models of their CDs, "They have no moving parts, and while in flight, can not rotate. In the atmosphere, they give off a bluish-red electric koronapnoe glow and emit a faint hissing sound. " Brown also formulated a method for generating a high voltage for a free flying disc through a "gas-jet generator."

It was a jet engine, modified to electrostatic generator capable of transmitting plate until 15 million volts. Thus, the project was ready to move from the drawing board to the technology demonstration phase. A few days after the talk of Major General Betrandiasa with Gen. Craig in the case including the Office of Special Investigations United States Air Force. It has published a copy of the report prepared by the Office of Naval Research of the U.S. Navy, "An investigation of the fund Townsend Brown."

Lay on the table the report of Deputy Chief Inspector of the U.S. Air Force Maj. Gen. Joseph F. Carroll. On its basis the Air Force and the U.S. Navy denied Brown's official support for the project, citing the fact that "the effect is caused by an electric wind". The report has been missed is that Brown insisted on the use of very high voltage to implement electrogravitic effect.

During the work on the project "Winter Harbour" he used a ten-foot-diameter disks, passing them on voltage of 500 kV, while the Air Force during the tests used no more than 19 kilovolts. Yet despite this apparent discrepancy, the two experiments still showed abnormal results, but no attempts to explain them were made.


Despite his misfortunes, Brown continued to work. In 1953, he demonstrated in his laboratory flying 60-centimeter air disc on a loop with a diameter of 6 meters. The aircraft was connected to the central mast wire through which an electric current is fed a constant voltage 50tysyach volts.

The unit develops a maximum speed of about 51 m / s (180 km / h). During the next show, he demonstrated the flight of a set of 90-cm discs in a circle with a diameter of 15 meters. Until recently, Brown was convinced that if the necessary funds study of the effect Biefeld — Brown would lead to a breakthrough in the field of aviation and transportation spacecraft. Apparently, Brown's work was rejected not because of their academic failure, but because … their principles to the point were already known to the U.S. military.

In this light, it becomes clear to the abduction episode records Brown. Perhaps someone wanted to make sure that the development of a scientist based solely on his own theoretical and practical material, and not the result of leaks of classified information. It is necessary to pay attention to one important detail — the flight characteristics of the device, developed by Brown in the framework of the "Winter Harbour", a striking coincidence with the characteristics of a UFO in abundance observed in the years 1947-1952. It seems that as long as Brown built a test model of your machine, someone had already in full working devices over the United States.


One of these mysterious entities could be Dr. Richard Miethe, who led the group in the Third Reich, is working to create a disk-shaped aircraft. Testing of the first prototype took place in the spring of 1944. It is known that after the war on the personal recommendation of Werner von Braun Mitya was in a leading research center of the U.S. Air Force (Wright Field, Ohio).

With German followed in this case is linked another aspect of the problem concerning the theoretical basis of Brown's findings. The fact that the general theory of relativity, Albert Einstein's theory is able to explain electrogravitic, but the opening of physicists in the field of quantum electrodynamics permit.

Birthplace of quantum mechanics — Germany: in 1927, the eminent German physicist Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle discovered, the cornerstone of quantum mechanics. As for the theory of relativity, in the Third Reich, it is simply not taken into account. And yet Werner Heisenberg in 1930 on the personal order of the Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler was enrolled in the institute "Ahnenerbe", who oversaw the work on the creation of a "weapon of punishment." These included a project to create and disc-shaped aircraft.

Einstein, for thirty years unsuccessfully fought the quantum theory. The problem was not so much a lack of understanding of its foundations by Einstein, but in quantum mechanics unfitness for his "universal" theory of relativity. Einstein wrote: "I am constantly looking for another way to solve the quantum mysteries. These searches were caused deep resentment of principle, which I inspire basis of statistical quantum theory. "

In April 1961, speaking to students, Academician Lev Landau recalled his meeting with Einstein, "Einstein could not understand the basic principles of quantum mechanics. This fact is truly amazing. I tried to explain the uncertainty principle, but, apparently, to no avail. " At a conference on the occasion of the centenary of Einstein F. Kashlyun summarized the problem: "One of the tragic aspects of Einstein's life was the fact that the development of quantum theory has led to the fact that it has ceased to meet its basic physical views, and the gap that was, apparently, the final . "


In the early 1950s, German physicist Burkhard Heim attempted to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. According to quantum theory Khaimah, under certain conditions, the gravitational energy can go to electromagnetic energy and vice versa. Heim presented his theory on two congresses of the International Astronautical Federation in 1952 (Stuttgart, Germany) and in 1954 (Innsbruck, Austria).

However, his theory until recently was little known even to the scientific community. But, as it turned out, not for the United States Air Force, which in the mid-1950s have shown a keen interest in the work Khaimah. On the famous air base Wright-Patterson led by Joshua N. Goldberg launched the "internal" gravity research program, to operate its calculations.

The results of these studies are still hidden in the bowels of the American military. It is unknown to what extent the research of Thomas Townsend Brown coincided with the development of his German colleagues, but obviously the general direction of Brown guessed right. Despite his efforts, it would seem, were not successful, thanks to him we now have an idea of the principles of movement of mysterious flying disc.

Alexei Komogortsev, interdisciplinary research group "The origins of civilizations"

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