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Military-Technical cooperation States has long been known and vserasprostranennym phenomenon. In the Russian Federation there are several similar agreements with other countries. A week back there first information about another agreement on cooperation in the field of defense technology.

On Wednesday, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in his own interview on "Russia 24" spoke about the intentions of the Russian Federation to agree with Israel on a joint project. According to Rogozin, at the moment there are negotiations for the joint development of unmanned aircraft. At the current time, as the Deputy Prime Minister, as the Russian side applets maximum considers this development, in which the Russian and Israeli engineers will create a drone, not only for its own needs. With a suitable conclusion of talks will be even wipe the international market of arms and military equipment. Unfortunately, more Rogozin did not elaborate.

It is seen that our homeland, and Israel already have experience of working in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. In past years, the Russian Ministry of Defense has already ordered the concern Israel Airspace Industry (IAI) a few small batches of different types of drones. In addition to the delivery of finished vehicles of old contracts assumed and the transfer of technical documentation for the machine. In the conditions of a significant backlog of in the field of UAVs, these contracts were, of course, profitable. At the same time, we can not accept the unpleasant fact that the information communicated was still pretty out of date. Of course, that Israel would not transfer its cutting-edge production on the topic. All the same, and the documents presented was sufficient for the present analysis technologies and developments. The result of the study was the construction of the Israeli start-up production of unmanned aerial vehicles "Zastava" and "Outpost", deployed to the Ural Plant of civilian aircraft (Yekaterinburg). The basis for these devices have become IAI BirdEye-400 and IAI Searcher II, respectively.

The presence of existing cooperation with Israel in the field of unmanned aircraft type has become a prerequisite for the emergence of a brand new version of the agreement. According to some media disk imaging, Our homeland intends to develop with Israel is not a new unmanned aircraft and rotary-wing aircraft. Such information is given with reference to some source, allegedly pertaining to the holding company "Helicopters of Russia". There is no reason to believe this version, although an official denial has not happened. In general, you need to see, anonymous media sources from which they receive information about Russian unmanned program notes, prove to be a very, very unreliable. For example, it is clear that in the current time-keeping of state defense research and development work on three projects at once drones, including by languid multipurpose helicopter with remote control. But some anonymous source, "close to the industry," can not determine with at least an amount of municipal resources for these applets. First featured a figure of 5 billion rubles, and now referred to as the smallest certain amount, without specific numbers.

Yet, apart from obscure sources, the possibility of starting the project confirms the helicopter and tough people. According to the views of the editor of the portal "Unmanned Aircraft" D. Fedutinova in favor of the helicopter disposition agreement they say two things at once. In 1-x, on the basis of drone aircraft type Israel has long been termed, ate a dog and does not need any cooperation. Almost Middle Eastern country, without the help of others to develop, collect and deliver that technique, which need to overseas customers. In-2, Israel, despite the apparent success in other areas of military production, does not yet have sufficient experience with respect to the construction of helicopters. Accordingly, due to the cooperation Our homeland will get a modern, unmanned vehicles, and Israel — necessary for the production of helicopters knowledge and technology. Such a type of cooperation and the creation of the latest technology will be really profitable for both sides.

If the helicopter version cooperation of the states would be true, then it is worth waiting for, first, revision of existing helicopters to bringing them into unmanned look. It is clear that the IAI currently being intensively working with remote control systems for helicopters. As a rotary-wing platform for their tests used helicopter Bell 212. With all this you can not recognize this helicopter suitable basis for the drone. For example, a UAV Northrop Grumman MQ-8 Fire Scout was made based on a commercial helicopter Schweizer 330. Normal take-off weight and unusual helicopter and unmanned nekordinalno exceed one ton. Of course, the specific characteristics of such masses are good for multi-UAV helicopter type. If we take as a base approach of Northrop Grumman, the only suitable candidate for the "role" of basic designs for the Russian-Israeli unmanned helicopter is only the Mi-34. And here a cooperation contract can conceive another positive consequence. Create unmanned helicopters made on the basis of vsepolnotsennyh manned simply impossible without an established construction of the latter. Regarding the most recent version of the Mi-34 — Mi-34C1 — For several months, there are active disputes and start the production of manned and unmanned versions can remarkably affect its prospects.

Only for push-to-volume construction and the massive sales of both versions of the Mi-34C1 takes a few "minor" things. At first needed to confirm the rumor helicopter disposition of the joint project, so engineers decided to do a UAV based on the finished machine, etc. In the end, Russian or Israeli side had no immediate comment on Rogozin's statement. This means that the actual developments may be though how, including surpassing all expectations.

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