The prosecutor asked 6 months of arrest for Bashura

October 18 in the trial of the Soviet district of Minsk has resumed the trial of an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura.

17:40 The last word sound of Michael Bashura Tuesday.

At the evening session of the court after the prosecutor Galina Kornev asked to sentence activist of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth" by Mikhail six months of arrest issued lawyer Tamara Sidorenko. She noted that the fault of Michael Bashura not finished. The next court session where Michael Bashura come up with the last word, scheduled for 15 hours on October 19.

16:50 The prosecutor asked for Michael Bashura 6 months of arrest.

15:30In court again adjourned. The representative of the public prosecution Galina Kornev asked the hour of the debate to prepare.

Judge Cyril Pavluleh granted the request.

Michael Bashura managed to send reply, "Session — by a half minutes. And the training — one and a half hours. "

13:30 An employee of the branch number 524 BBK Irina Shitik the court stated that the size of the salary, which declares Bashura did not depend, will give his family a loan or not. She noted that the earnings of other guarantors enough to bank issued credit.

In court adjourned until 14.30.

It is expected that after the break to begin oral arguments.

11:20 Bashura testified in court. He acknowledged the ordinary together, I made a mistake when I did help, but he stressed that he was mistaken in good faith.

Bashura added that even before the family received a loan, he and his wife found the bug. According to him, that's why he was taken out of the number of guarantors for the loan.

At a time when the criminal case was opened, Michael Bashura was not a surety.

He said that the presence of reference, could not affect the loan.

During declared a short break.

Waiting to appear in court employee "Belarusbank" Shitik who designed the paper for credit.

10:25In court adjourned

Prosecutors left the previous article, was charged Bashurov — "re-forging of documents." Made only clarification: Bashura did not help themselves, and to transfer it to another person, his wife.

Human rights activists who monitor the process, saying that the prosecution would be easier to prove the guilt of Bashura.

Human rights activists also point out that if Bashurov convicted, he could be punished with arrest for six months.

Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko do not rule out that the article will change Bashura charges. It could be accused of forgery. Maximum penalty — 2 years imprisonment.

Two dozen activists of the campaign "Tell the Truth" came to court to support Michael Bashura.

15 October prosecutor Galina Kornev asked for a break to re charge. Earlier Bashurov accused of repeated forgery.

The trial began on October 11 Bashurov in the Soviet court of Minsk.

An activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura is in Minsk prison Valadarski Street from 6th August.

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