The river of the Chinese city of Nanjing was red from pollution

The river of the Chinese city of Nanjing was red from pollutionThe river Tszinchuan in Nanjing on August 29 due to large emissions of industrial waste has become a "river of blood."

As reported by China National Radio, about 10 o'clock in the morning on August 29 local Nanjing seen from a factory pipe with a diameter of about one meter near the bridge Aymin about four hours into the river Tszinchuan high flow merged waste red.

Currently bright red spot width of about 10 meters is spread over several kilometers along the river.

"Factory emissions red mixed with water to form a lather and bubbles, but no fishy smell from the water does not come," — says a local resident named Chen.

Local residents also reported that this case they are not the first.

After the complaints department of environmental protection has sent its employees who have taken water samples for analysis.

August 30 they were officially informed that according to the standard test, all indicators of water quality in the river are normal. What substance in red was poured into the river, they said no, saying that a detailed analysis can take several days.

The head of the unit of environmental area Syakuan Nanjing named Yao said that they checked 10 test wells in the north of the river, water everywhere and there was red.

"At the time, the source of pollution, we have not found, the water flowed out of the tube, leaving the ground, which there are many. Underground pipeline old circuits on it we can not find. Therefore, it is difficult to find which is reached by a pipe "- said the official.

Ilya Ivanov

The Epoch Times

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