The Sakharov Prize to Cuban wrestler


European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek, announcing the name of the current recipient of the Sakharov Prize, said:

"Guillermo Farynyas — independent journalist and political dissident. He was willing to risk and sacrifice their health and lives,

He used hunger strikes to protest and challenge the lack of freedom in Cuba.

to bring about change in Cuba. He used hunger strikes to protest and challenge the lack of freedom of speech in Cuba, embodying the hope of those who want freedom, respect Human Rights and democracy. "

In the regime of Fidel Castro's prisons held 23 Farynyas hunger strike.

Last Farynyasa hunger strike, which he spent in This year, at home for four months, nearly ended in his death. Farynyas secure the release of 25 political prisoners patients. According to common belief, the hunger strike Farynyasa and his shooting in the Western media, which showed much exhausted and near death of a person, to a large extent led to the release of 52 prisoners opponents of the Cuban regime in July.

In its response to the award Farynyas said the agency AFP, he dedicates it to all those who fight for the end of the dictatorship in Cuba.

Sakharov award, established by the European Parliament in 1988, before Farynyasam received Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya (2002) and the Cuban group "Ladies in White" (2005), which brings together women imprisoned dissidents.

From Belarus received the award of the Sakharov Belarusian Association of Journalists (2004) and Alexander Milinkevich (2008).

The monetary part of the award "For the freedom of thought" is equal to 50 thousand euros.

Photo: Guillermo Farynyas a doctor after hunger strike

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