The strange light phenomena in Stockholm, Nebraska, Novgorod


Residents of Stockholm, Sweden, looked up at the night sky on Sunday night and thought they were above the Arctic Circle, and have seen the aurora borealis, or the invasion of UFOs.

These lights were not aurora (and not a UFO, it's important), they are known as the "pillars of light." According to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, it is the light that is reflected in ice crystals, formed in the air when it is cold. Similar pillars of light were also photographed elsewhere, although no signs of unidentified flying objects, they are not accompanied.


A similar phenomenon in Nebraska


Arctic air, combined with the steam of the river and the ferry factory chimneys, shafts of light produces over Blair, Nebraska, thanks to ice crystals floating in the air. Of the setting moon adds to the spectacle of its own column of light.

Recently, a similar phenomenon also encountered residents of Yekaterinburg and Krasnoyarsk.

And as strange incident occurred in Novgorod less than a week ago, on 27 November. In several areas of the city after a bright flash in the sky, the lights went out, the news agency "Great Submit Thread."

The incident filmed on camera, several eyewitnesses. Videos, posted on the Internet, have caused a flurry of comments and Novgorod in social networks have begun to seriously discuss the coming apocalypse.



According to eyewitnesses, the city at the time of the aurora was not clear, not only without electricity. Cable TV did not work, no longer catch the radio. According to some users of social networks are no longer taking a mobile phone signal.

Soon the electricity was restored, but remained interrupted work of several cable television operators.

Regional Emergency Management Russia also did not confirm details of the emergency to the "East". "No reports of explosions have been reported to us, to any accident at a substation our employees did not leave," — said the head of the press service Alexander Zuev. Not surprisingly, most continue to seriously discuss the version of the sign of the coming apocalypse.




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