The threat of forest fires has decreased because of the rains in Tuva

The highest, the fifth grade fire, to keep in Tuva more than two weeks, out, fourth class acts in the territories of the two areas of the country, according to the regional government.

The threat of forest fires due to decreased precipitation in the Republic of heavy rainfall.

"The fifth class fire in the republic today is not recorded. Fourth class acts in Dzun-Khemchik and Kaa-Khem district. In the Kyzyl Tandinskogo and Pii-Khem district fire hazard is defined by the first, lowest, class," — said in a message.

According to the Department of Forestry at SFO, in the region at the moment, there are six forest fires in the area of 2225 hectares, of which four large — in the 2125 hectares. All fires are localized.

Tuva government said that at localization of fires in the past day attracted 230 people and 16 vehicles. The increase in the group of forces on June 20 is not planned due to deposition of heavy rainfall. For the same reason, there was a decrease level of fire danger.

"There is an opportunity to change those last two weeks did not leave the" fire front. "New blood thrown to the processing of localized fires. This is necessary as soon as possible, otherwise the onset of heat, they again turned into an" — said the Chairman of the Republican State Committee Forestry Vadim Kyzyl-ool.

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