The trial Bashurov may end today

October 15 in the Soviet court in Minsk has completed the trial of an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura, who is accused of repeated forgery.

On the eve of the judge Cyril Poluleh invited the representative of the prosecution and a lawyer to prepare for litigation. But before that, in the morning can still examine the witnesses who were not on the process on Tuesday. It's about employee of the executive committee, which hosted Help Michael Bashura on the earnings, before the family Bashura queued for affordable housing, as well as an accountant publishing firm where Michael worked as a deputy director.

These witnesses did not appear in court, citing illness, but did not bring the reference. However, the court may restrict the reading of the testimony given during the investigation. Then, just in the first half of the day will begin consideration of the case, and in the hall first to find out how much the prosecutor to invite Michael Bashura.

The penalty for re-forging documents can be both a fine and imprisonment for 3 years or restriction of freedom for 5 years.

What does a lawyer Tamara Sidorenko the possible requirement Attorney? According to counsel, the court did not have sounded convincing evidence against her client Michael Bashura.

"Personally, I stick to its position, and the trial did not reveal anything new. Bashura made a mistake, he says, and it is hard to refute. Well, of course, he violated the order that the sign for their director. But it does not constitute a crime. Corpus delicti in this case, if it is a fake gives new rights and duties of man, and here the new rights and responsibilities was not.'s see, I do not know. Guessing will not undertake. "

Michael Bashura pleaded not guilty, but said that he was an accountant in the absence of a certificate of salary for a period of work and to sign her as a leader. Bashura says that while the accountant was in the hospital with the child, and the director for whom he signed away. For the latest information director of Dmitry Vishnev confirmed.

The court already knows the sentence, and he went to have a board, as they say Poles, "for vyglendu." The solution is already there. But not any criminal Bashura

Nyaklyayeu, head of public campaign "Tell the Truth", was coordinated by Michael Bashura not rule out that his colleague convicted, though, as he says, the lack of evidence.

"The court knows the sentence, and he went to have a board, as they say Poles, "for vyglendu." The solution is already there. But no Bashura not criminal, he is not a criminal. Bashura is an activist of "Tell the truth." He is coordinator of the campaign, the city of Minsk, and it is for this trial today and is likely to something, but will award. "

On the trial Michael Bashurov in the Soviet court activists are always present "Tell the Truth", human rights activists and journalists.

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