The troops of the Dark iris

Among them — the South American instrument and Chechen generals

Specifically, the so-called armed forces of the kingdom of Jordan, a country emblem and the state flower of which is a dark iris. The Jordanian royal army grew out of the "Patrols desert" made by the British military in the 20s of the last century, and then reincarnated in the Arab Legion (AL). It is seen that the title "Arabic"Instead of" Transjordan "Legion (up to 1946 Jordan was called Transjordan) was not accidental. So Makar, openly declare the pan-Arab principle of recruitment into this certainly elite combat unit.

Jordanians are proud of the fact that during the second world war was the only Arab AL Fireteam who took part in the operations of the anti-Hitler coalition against the pro-fascist Vichy regime in Syria. Thanks to the active operations of AL was prevented pro-Nazi coup in Iraq. Exceptionally in 1956 on the basis of the AL was formed constant Jordanian army (IA).

The most extraordinary

Modern IA in the main armed in the standards of NATO. And this fact is completely natural, because the United States and England to this day is sent to kingdom a deactivated weapon, whereby these countries provide for themselves saving budget funds. For example, in a tank park agency has 300 British tanks "Centurion", which, after upgrading (substitute petrol engines to diesel, install Belgian fire control systems, hydraulics and American units oppression of fires and explosions) were named "Tariq". But Amman longs to get its own army and modern weapons. While not so long ago held the official visit of the Jordanian monarch Abdullah II of Moscow signed a number of letters of intent for the purchase of Russian air defense systems and aircraft. Actualized immediately signed back in 2005, contracts for the supply to Jordan Russian military transport planes and sports. It is also understood in the realm of Russian construction spices plant launchers. It is impossible not to pay attention, that the modernization of the armed forces of Jordan in the framework of joint projects are already Slovak, Bulgarian and Ukrainian enterprises.

IA — the most battle-worthy army in the middle of all the formations of the Arab countries. Israel resisted during the War of Independence in 1948, the armies of Arab descent 7 countries (Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen) have experienced severe difficulties particularly in Jerusalem, when they with great sacrifices succeeded in driving the division in the AL eastern part of the town. Approximately the same thing happened in June 1967 when Israeli soldiers have fought wars with the IA, freeing the eastern part of Jerusalem. In September 1970, the Agency, subject to the orders of King Hussein returned fire to the attempt by Palestinian militants belonging to led by Yasser Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organization, to overthrow the ruling monarchy and take power in the country. Jordanian air force bombed Palestinian refugee camps where militants were hiding, and the king's tanks rammed barricades erected by the terrorists. Syria is trying to assist the Palestinians in Jordan introduced armored units that fought off the Jordanians.

According to the Jordanian Constitution is the supreme commander of the king, and the functions of the Minister of Defence does the Prime Minister, who heads the Department of Defense is not missing, and the general staff of the armed forces of the country. Like the military hierarchy, adopted in the United States of America, NA in almost all the decisive role belongs to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who obey the command of combat arms.

Most of the population of the kingdom represented by the Palestinians. However, as acknowledged by the Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, Ph.D., a graduate of Princeton and Cambridge institutions to nedavneshnego time composed by an adviser to the King of Jordan on the tribes, "most of the tsarist army commanders usually occurs only in 2-Bedouin tribes — hoveytat and Beni Sahr. " These two tribes are known for absolute loyalty to the royal Hashemite dynasty. Their militancy and courage also wrote the famous British spy Lawrence of Arabia (1888-1935).

And truth in general and higher officers are permitted in the main Bedouins who remain "titular" civilization, but in the middle of the local military Palestinians continue to be fully coherent and influential group. It is logical that specifically protect the monarch and his family requested Circassian guards.

Circassians in Jordan listed as a bulwark of stability and even the emblem of the kingdom. In the Near East region, "Circassians" (which here include representatives of the Caucasian peoples, including all of the Circassians and Chechens) have multiple streams during the Caucasian War in Russia in the first half of the nineteenth century and the First World War in the twentieth century, when the Arab population refused to support the Ottoman authorities and the Turks were transported to the local region remained loyal to them representatives of the Muslim peoples of the Caucasus. Many of the "Circassian" took a commanding position in the agency. Thus, Hasan Izzet Candwr (1910-1992) served as chief of staff of the IA, and in 1959-1970 he commanded the security forces of the kingdom. Awni Mudar (1945-1994) a couple of years as head of the royal air force. Now surviving Anwar Mohammed Ismail was an adviser to the king of Military Affairs and the Minister of the Interior. Ahmad Ramzi was the first Chechen received his education at the Istanbul Military Academy.

He is a military rank, General, at the request of King Abdullah I was involved in the reform and development of Prof. IA police units. In 1969, in the town of Zarqa military hospital General Ramsey had surgery. Just then, Palestinian insurgents fired mortars power station, and then the hospital facilities. As a result, cuts in operating electricity doctors were not able to complete the surgery and Ramsey died.

Another well-known Chechen considered in Jordan General Mohammed Bashir Ismail, the commander of the first in the kingdom of the Parachute Battalion, was promoted to the post of Deputy Chief of the General Staff. Already a famous general in retirement served as Minister of Agriculture and the Mayor of Amman. We note, incidentally, that in the Israeli army are Circassians themselves on the terrain of the Jewish country.

But after the events of September 1970 Amman, taking a course on "iordanizatsiyu" of the entire military structure in store fired at officers with a Palestinian origin. According vneglasnoy, but a very specific installation in the army, security systems and the Interior Ministry, also in the military courts of officers above the rank of Palestinian capital should not exceed 10%. Moreover, already in the 80s under the "hot hand" and got several top officers of the Circassians of the palace guards, who were also laid off.

Powerful REAR

The actual level of the officer corps IA markedly higher than that of civilian employees. Apart from the rather large salaries officers possess the right to receive preferential loans for the purchase of motivated and refinement of housing, training kids in middle and high schools. The country has created a special military-consumer cooperation, officers delivering products at discounted prices. Free medical service is guaranteed by the officers and members of their families, including parents. Also, it is interesting that the senior officers (from major and above) at the
expense of the country are provided with cars. If necessary, the government pays the same car repairs.

Structurally, the Jordanian army contains three kinds of forces: land, air and naval forces. The whole area is divided into four kingdoms neighborhood: Central (Amman), the South (the port of Aqaba), Northern (Irbid) and East (Azraq).

Developed network of Jordanian higher and secondary military schools is considered one of the best in the Middle East. They are all under the auspices of the monarch and are defined as "king." It is significant that among the cadets of the Military Academy in Amman, the State Institute of Defence, Infantry School named after King Abdullah, School of Defense, Artillery Institute, Command and General Staff College, the Military Institute of Linguistics many representatives of not only Muslim countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and France, and South Korea.

Applets objects and military subjects taught in Jordanian military schools are usually identical with the English. In the end, the reigning now lord Abdullah II, his father lord Hussein bin Talal and many members of the royal family graduates of the famous English Royal Academy in Sanherste.

But Colonel Ahmed Rifai, nedavneshnego time to teach at one of the Jordanian educational institutions, in an interview with "NWO" I saw that now the agency has its own tried and tested methods of combating terrorism, which borrow and armies of other states. Thus, the Jordanian army special forces characterized by the ability to deploy rapidly not only in their own country, and in at least some Middle Eastern country. Is noteworthy that the 71 th Battalion of the local special forces, considered one of the best in the world of counter-terrorist groups consist only of volunteers in the main Bedouins, Circassians and Chechens. All candidates to serve in this elite battalion undergo basic training at American and British instructors. The volunteers are necessary to estimate intellectual ability, level of physical fitness and mental stamina. According to the pan-Arab TV channel "Al Jazeera" (translated as "The Island"), a leading their broadcasts from the capital of Qatar, Doha campus, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that they sent a request to Amman at about the likely role of Jordan in training the Afghan Army.

And yet, as an "exchange of experiences" a number of Jordanian troops sent once a year to study not only the European and South American military schools, and the academy of Arab countries, namely, the Military Academy of the General Staff of the name of President Gamal Abdel Nasser in Cairo.

Royal IA, obviously, do not bypass the modern trends. Who made the important role played by the King the Office of Information Technology, which creates a system of electrical methods of warfare and network information technology support operations. Despite the undeniable convergence of the kingdom of Jordan and the Russian Federation, it is worth remembering exactly what Jordan is one of the major non-NATO allies, and former President George W. Bush and King Abdullah II now calls "a personal friend." Jordan — the only Arab country has sent to Iraq's own military advisers. Information on their numbers and the task are kept secret. But not so long ago, it became clear that among them there are losses.

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