The troops put the defense systems that can shoot down ballistic missiles

How to say "Echo of Moscow", referring to Saturday's statement by Alexander Leonov (Commander of the Army Air Defense), the 2012 Land troops Russia will get new defensive protivozdushnoy funds.
Leonov, without specifying the types and series of funds intended for delivery to the armament Army Air Defence, commented: "In recent years the standards will be made promising weapons. I believe that during 2012 all state tests are complete, the system will accept the arms, and then begin to deliver them to troops. "

The commander said that the promising field air defense systems "intended against the air, and in the future gallakticheskogo against the enemy."

He noted that the strength and funds Defense Army able to "act" on all known air targets: from the unmanned aircraft to ballistic missiles (the average distance of up to 3.5 thousand km).

Somewhat earlier, a representative of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation reported that the training center number 726 (Krasnodar Territory, Eysk) conducted tests of a promising portable anti-aircraft missile systems, tactical and technical characteristics of which are far superior in service consisting in the units in the current period. In addition, in the air defense units of MANPADS will position on the moving mobile tools that will provide remote automatic start.

By the way, Alexander Leonov said in RIA "News" that in 2011, on the said complex all the development work want to finish. And, based on the framework of the state defense order for the current year must purchase more than 250 units to equip air defense units, a number of anti-aircraft missile batteries, some anti-aircraft and infantry brigades.

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