The uprising on the battleship Potemkin

June 14, 1905 on the new ship Pravitelskogo Russian Navy battleship "Prince Potemkin — Taurian" a riot broke out.

All-Russian armed rebellion, which prepared the RSDLP was to begin in the fall of 1905. Preparing for it under the control of the Bolsheviks and the Black Sea Fleet sailors. But on the battleship "Potemkin" spontaneous revolt began much earlier.

Battleship was at the raid, the team carried out testing tools and software involved shootings. The reason for the uprising was the fatal incident. June 14 battleship sailors refused to dinner, indignant about the tainted meat. The command of the ship tried to suppress the rebellion in the bud, but sailors quickly disarmed the officers. During the firefight broke out had been killed a few people from the battleship command, including the commander of the ship. The other officers taken hostage.

Management of the mutineers took over the Bolshevik GN Vakulenchuk. But during the shooting of his mortally wounded, and led the revolutionary uprising got another member of the RSDLP AN Matyushenko.

After the capture of the battleship sailors elected their own officers, ship's commission determined the rules of gun ship and arrested. Team destroyer number 267 also raised the revolutionary flag reddish uprising.

1905. Constant

The governor rightly considered rebellion to "Potemkin" very unsafe signal. The commander of the Black Sea fleet, Vice Admiral Chukhnin was ordered to immediately put down the rebellion even in what ways, right up to the sinking battleship, along with the team violated the sacred military oath.

June 17 squadron consisting of battleships "George", "Three Hierarchs", "The Twelve Apostles" and mine cruiser "Kazarsky" out to sea to subdue the rebels. But the first meeting of the revolutionary ship with government courts ended in sudden victory "Potemkin". June 18 afternoon rebellious armadillo stood on the outer harbor of Odessa. He was approached by a squadron consisting of 11 vessels: 6 destroyers and battleships 5. It was commanded by a senior leader of the Vice-Admiral Krieger. The rebels went out to sea to meet government ships were not planning to open fire first. Mariners believed that the crews of these ships will decide to join the rebellion. Daring Potemkin refused to negotiate with the commander of the Navy and went to ram "Rostislav" — the flagship Krieger. At the last moment the rebels changed course and have passed between "Rostislav" and battleship Rear Admiral Vishnevetzkogo "Three Hierarchs", cutting operational squadron of ships and admirals holding at gunpoint own guns. A squadron commander refuses to shoot the rebels and cheered the team "Potemkin" clicks "Hurrah!", Despite the prohibitions commanders.

Handling teams battleship "Potemkin" and destroyer number 267 — "To All the civilized world"

Sensing the mood of the crews, Krieger at high speed squadron took to the open sea. But armadillo "George" did not follow the Admiral's ship, his team spoke with Potemkin and supported them, placing under arrest of their own officers. But later, in the middle of the rebels to "Victorious" was split, and he surrendered to authorities.

After the meeting with the commander of the fleet, "Potemkin" returned to Odessa, but could not get out there and water provisions. Team decided to go to Romania. Battleship and his destroyer number 267 came in Constanta on June 19, but the local authorities were also not given the rebels no fuel, no food and water. Prior to the release of the Romanian waters in Feodosia sailors — revolutionaries released in newspapers circulation under the headings "To All the civilized world" and "To All the European powers." Among them, they tried to explain the background and purpose of its own rebellion.

The situation became critical on the battleship. Boilers had to feed seawater, which destroyed them. "Potemkin" came to Theodosia of early afternoon on June 22, but the rebels were waiting gendarmes and regular troops. The rebels decided to return to Romania.

The arrested men — the uprising on the battleship "Potemkin"

Arriving in Constanta on June 24, the rebels have found it an honor to hand over their own ship Romanian authorities. The next day, they let down the reddish flag and went to the saving value as political emigrants.

Black Sea Fleet ships arrived at the Romanian-sparing June 26, so for the next day to return the Russian Federation, with the consent of the Romanians battleship "Prince Potemkin — Tauride."

After the October Revolution, "Potemkin" was renamed "Freedom Fighter." Rebellious ship expected unenviable fate. In 1918, he was captured by troops of the Kaiser, a bit later defected to the army of General Denikin. When the reddish army was preparing to attack the Crimea, the ship became the first emblem of the Russian turmoil, undermined Sevastopol leave the Anglo-French invaders.

An uprising on the battleship "Potemkin" training ship "rod" and the battleship "Jora Victorious." From left to right: IA Lychev, IP Sixtieth, MP Panfilov, AI Swan, AF Tsarev (1955, Sevastopol)

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