The verdict in the case Statkievich — Usa declare May 26 at 14 pm

This is "Radio Liberty" Maryna Adamovich, wife of Nikolai Statkevich.

May 20 the judge of Lenin District Court Minsk Ludmila Grachev had make sentences former presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich iDmitriyu Usu and the participants Poznyak Andrew Square, Alexander Klaskouski, Alexander Kvyatkevichu, Artem fungal, Dmitri Bulanov. However, the verdict on that day postponed indefinitely. The official reason — illness of a judge.

Earlier, the prosecutor asked Cyril Chubkavets endure punishment:

Statkievich — 8 years;
Uss — 7 years;
Klaskouski — 8.5 years;
Kvyatkevichu, Paznyaku, Bulanov, fungal — 4 years maximum security prison.

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