The war against Christianity has become a global scale

Resounding orgy at the sentence given to three koschunnitsam, staged a satanic dance at the Christ the Redeemer, shows very little about the circumstances, 2-important social and political significance.

The event first. Public opinion in Russia is divided into two streams. One of them — a wide, slowly flowing. This current, which is the vast majority of our people, it protects people's memories and traditions of the Russian Orthodox faith, it is powered by positive enforcement standards, but its ability to take action is limited drawback offensive spirit and the fact that for long years, it is cut off from the leading media . And there's another thread — loud, muddy stream liberal consciousness, skillfully controlled anti-state forces in the interests of the collapse RF. The purpose of this trend — razyal most important cementing force connecting the spiritual seat of the majestic country, that of the historical of, treasured for centuries the Orthodox faith, would be forgotten forever. And this second stream of public opinion begins on the Potomac …

August 21 the official dealer of the U.S. State Department Victoria Nuland said the U.S. is concerned about the "bias" of the judicial system in RF in connection with the case «Pussy Riot». The official dealer of white houses Joshua Ernst stressed that the United States disappointed verdict Russian participants of the group. Potomac, as you know, flows into the River Thames, and that — in the Seine and the Rhine. And now the minister of foreign affairs of England "deeply concerned sentence members of the group" Pussy Riot "», Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, said that the sentence «Pussy Riot» does not match the severity of the act, and Angela Merkel saw that the court's decision was "too hard, does not correspond to European democratic values." Interestingly, all of these are pretty big politicians repeat the name of the group, which in the UK has a deviant lexical meaning. When the language of international actors is neprelichnym, talk about the morality of Western political beau monde stupid.

Event second follows from the first. The war of international forces to Orthodoxy has become increasingly brutal, sees global nature. This war did not begin yesterday. If we talk about the perestroika and post-Soviet Russian Federation, its first blow came in the morning September 9, 1990, when on the trail to the railway station "Forestry" was brutally murdered priest Alexander Men. Killers have never found a. Then the media began to get information about other Orthodox priests, who were killed 1st after another. By 2009, the list of martyrs has increased to 25. Among them — slaughtered Satanist on Easter night April 18, 1993 optinsky iereomonah Basil monks and Trofim FERAPONT. February 14, 1996 in the Chechen captivity was killed Anatoly Chistousov new martyr priest, rector of the Archangel Michael Church in severity, before ordination — Russian army officer. Right before the kidnapping Chechens, despite the fact that the temple was in the midst of the fighting, Father Anatoly stopped pastoral care of the flock, often conducted services. New Year's Eve 1995, he was against the will of the bandits brought to Grozny station, where he gave the order to turn to keep the defense Russian soldiers demanding the surrender. In response, Father Anatoly blessed soldier on military work. In 1999 he was kidnapped and killed by Chechens Archpriest Peter Sukhonosov, rector of Holy Protection Church in Sleptsovskaya (Ingushetia). On the night of December 2, 2006 in the village of Pryamukhino Tver region were killed in a fire at his home Orthodox priest Father Andrei Nikolayev, his three kids and wife Xenia. The house was doused with gasoline and set on fire. December 20, 2009 in Moscow took an anguished death priest Daniil Sysoev. After a three day or a shot to the heart killed priest Alexander Filippov, Rector of the Church of the Ascension Podolsk district of Moscow region. April 24, 2010 in the Cheboksary, Chuvash diocese priest killed Anatoly Sorokin, May 5, 2010 — Rector of the Church of the Archangel in Misha Chebaksarah Fr Vadim (Smirnov). January 17, 2011 in the village of Kadyshevo Ulyanovsk region tortured to death Abbot Vissarion (Glazistov) … This woeful martyrology is incomplete, it does not include, for example, 10's laity who were victims of anti-Christian forces. And the weird thing — the society, it would seem, was to boil with indignation villainous murder of priests, to seek a painstaking investigation of crimes and exemplary punishment of the killers. But "society" allows himself to be indifferent satisfied "explanations" of the local police, the police that most of the murders, they say, were not committed on religious grounds. In the case of the death of Andrei Nikolayev and his family on the federal TV channels were even dirty hints are thrown to the fact that the priest was an arsonist own home.

We compare how much krivodushnogo anger caused comparable Myagenko sentence participating satanic punk band desecrated the house of God. What a terrible aberration public awareness needs to happen to protect it instead of the whole people shrines rushed to the aid of the three witches. By the way, Archpriest Alexander Shargunov said such a fact: "Not so long ago, in the Orenburg region endured sentence two neo-Nazis who painted a swastika synagogue. Young people will spend six years in prison. They were found guilty "in the actions aimed at inciting nationalist hatred and enmity, as the humiliation pros on the grounds of race, nationality, committed publicly." Means to punish a swastika on the synagogue can be the full extent of the 282nd article, and for dirty swearing in front of the throne of God — only two years of corrective labor?

And here is the last, truly awful news in the middle of August in the Aksai gorge Almaty region of Kazakhstan found the bodies of 11 people killed. In the middle to find the bodies identified by forestry professionals and guests of the reserve, they were Orthodox Christians. Several other people are reported missing.

— We have so far not know who to find. No suspects — throws up his hands, local police, hinting that it was the revenge of the local mafia huntsman Panayote Zaharopulo, steadfast fighter against poachers.

You can not waver regardless of the fact or not will find will find a Kazakh police assassins or Victoria Nuland nor Joshua Ernst, nor Alistair Burt, nor Angela Merkel will express compassion, Alma-Ata, on the occasion of the disaster in the Aksai gorge …


Since the beginning of this year in Nigeria by Islamic extremists killed more than 800 Christians belonging to the tribe of the Igbo. Here it is impossible not to recall the massacre of 1966, when the overnight were killed between 50 and 100 thousand Christian Igbo. As a result, members of this tribe have announced the release of the Nigerian Federation and developing countries Biafra. The country has begun plainclothes war, the bloodiest in the second half of the last century: Various sources they say that in this conflict have died from 700 thousand to 3 million people in the main Christian victims of the atrocities of war, famine and disease.

Rate West to religious and political extremism under the banner of Islam destroys the established practice for centuries live in peace and good neighborliness between Christians and Muslims in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and other Near East countries. The killing of Christians in Iraq since that time, both in this country has been planted in the South American occupation regime, has become part of everyday life

In Syria, Christians make up about 12-15 percent of the population. Only supporters of the Syrian Orthodox Church — there is more than 650 thousand. "Christians — to the cross" — graffiti with such slogans adorned the walls of the rebel Syrian town of Homs in the spring of this year, temporarily captured by the rebels. Armed militants of the opposition to Assad forces of the "Farouk Brigades" broke into the homes of Christians, ordering a horror death to get out of town. In a matter of days are almost 50000th Christian Diaspora was banished to the mountain village. Along the way, was brutally killed more than 200 people. Where are you, gentlemen Lukin, Alekseev and other human rights activists? Where is your voice in defense of the Christian martyrs? Neuzh then untied the three girls, Khamovniki tribunal sentenced for hooliganism, deserve more sympathy?

The main …, extensively and slowly flowing river Russian public opinion has shown its strength, assist adjudicate oskvernitelnitsam national religious shrine. Who is willing to wriggle in front of the Altar of the Divine know that our home is not impoverished intercessors holy faith. But do we know what's ahead — the severity of the new test. Global advent of anti-Christian forces is growing and you need to keep firmly in mind trenchant phrase such a hater of the Russian Federation and Russian, as Zbigniew Brzezinski: "We now have one enemy — the Russian orthodox Church" …

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