The war between Russia and the United States (the Policy, Serbia)

Already some time lasts no one declared war between the U.S. and Russia. This war is inhuman, even though it does not die neither John nor Sergei.

Bane assigned Syrians. They are covered with blood, ready to shoot at each other, throwing bombs to commit atrocities, to be "cannon fodder."

Global players in this time "Horrified" convene a press conference to call on the UN Security Council meeting (of course, behind closed doors) that at the end to say that they have nothing to say.

Americans support the revolt against Bashar al-Assad and want to overthrow it, and Russia are convinced that this would be the beginning of a real chaos.

Fundamentally, that his hands remained unsullied.

From Washington comes news that the U.S. Congress, saying the new defense budget, rebuked the Pentagon to cooperate with the Russian monopoly on the sale of guns — "Rosoboronexport".

The premise of this solution is that the government of the Russian Federation provides a tool to the authorities in Damascus, which is contrary to the interests of the South American. What specifically South American interests are not reported, but it is worth recalling that the same "Rosoboronexport" almost a month back has become one of the main suppliers of the U.S. Army in the other hot point — in Afghanistan.

What sort of interest in the U.S. — is not indicated.

Our homeland and China has once again vetoed a Western draft UN Security Council resolution, which Syrian regime threatened sanctions. According to the position of Moscow, the Western countries want the document referred only to justify a possible military intervention in Syria, the Libyan scenario.

"They are trying to use the UN Council for the implementation of their plans and to put pressure on sovereign states will not pass," — said Vitaly Churkin, the representative RF in this organization.

Syria, of course, turned into a regional arena in which once again shows the real strength of the U.S. and Russia. The traditional division of the cool era of war on the "West" and "East" in this case hardly relevant, since quite clear that anyone who is outside of Washington and Moscow, in the Syrian case, play the role of a more or less active supporters.

This is evidenced nedavneshny visit UN special envoy on Syria Kofi Annan in Moscow which ended sluggish message that can not influence the course of events.

War in Syria has given different conceptions of international relations, each of which is suitable only for super powers.

Americans, using the theme of "Human Rights", to give themselves the right to intervene everywhere, where they have interests — even in the courtyard of Bashar al-Assad.

In Russian — a very clear position, namely, the fact that his overthrow would open the door to the concept of the so-called regime change, which, of course, is dangerous business interests of ordinary Russian companies in different parts of the world, including — in the Middle East.

In this "mini-cold war", which, in contrast to the Russian Union of times of war, does not have an ideological character, tool not selected. Differently fine. Smee, of course, — one of them.

To declare at least some armed conflict, "the extermination of civilians" — a strategy that always gives a positive result. Even if eventually will come up on the surface right. So Makarov, there is information and misinformation about what happened two weeks back in the Syrian town of Tremsehu where, according to the first news from London, had been "killed 200 peaceful inhabitants, ladies and kids", and after a few days it turned out that it was a clash Assad soldier deserters. The effect of the first message was still significant.

As not long ago wrote analyst Polish newspaper "Global Policy" unfortunate in Syria — as well as their fellow sufferers in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan — themselves are beginning to think that they are the only equipment in the hands of the massive powers seeking to realize their interests in the field battlefield.

The question is whether they are able to independently change what-ever nibudt. It is clear that neither America nor our homeland does not facilitate their current position.

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