The war in the settlement of

In his own moral degradation of Germanic invaders, having lost the human species, has long since fallen to the level of feral animals.
Joseph Stalin, November 6, 1941

In modern Russian Federation, recalling majestically Russian war, they say, write and shoot films about the causes of war, military operations, errors Russian command, much much emphasis on "guilt" of Stalin. There are creators who justify the occupiers, collaborators, vilified partisans, underground fighters. In their work the USSR looks almost worse than the Third Reich, or standing on one level with him on the atrocities. It is said that the arrival of the Germans was greeted with joy by local residents, and people lived in the occupants better than "bloody dictator" Stalin.

With all of this often forgets that this war is very different from the others — the past and the next. It was a war of destruction of our civilization and the entire nation. The German administration was going to illumine the whole of 1941 to finish the operation to defeat the Russian armed forces and occupy the European part of the USSR on the strip Arkhangelsk — Astrakhan. In fact, immediately after the capture area, the Germans, with their rationality and practicality, began to "development" of the land. The methods of this "development" were also planned in detail, as well as a plan of campaign. Naturally the course adjustments can be made, but the essence of this does not change. The occupied areas cleared of "racially inferior" inhabitants of the USSR.

Thank God and our nation (and the management of the Union) that the Nazis failed to implement the plan "lightning war." He crashed on the strong political will of Moscow, angry resistance fighter, sailors, border guards, pilots, gunners and tankers, general power of powers, which has underestimated our enemy. Because the Germans were able to incorporate only part of their plans. Yes, and this part of their own horrifying scale and brutality of the occupation regime of ways. According to the most modest estimates of 70 million Russian people who were under the heel of the invaders, one fifth did not live to see victory.

The Nazis systematically exterminated the Communists, municipal officials, prisoners of war, partisans, underground fighters and Jews. Virtually all of the captured territory was transformed into a huge assembly flow destruction. Destroyed by direct methods with the introduction of overwork, dietary restrictions, the lack of simple medical care. Victims were not only mature people, and the kids and the elderly. Russian army advancing, met the whole "death zones" that have been turned into the town, village and countryside.

According to the Head of the USSR prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials of Leo Smirnov, the Russian soldiers everywhere greeted unprecedented ruthlessness of his own misdeeds, "at the mass grave where the body rested Russian people sacrificed" typical German techniques ", at the gallows on which the swinging body teens, Cyclopean crematoria ovens where slain were burned in the camps defeat the corpses ladies and women who are victims of sadistic Nazi thugs, the dead bodies of babies, torn in half … ". According to the views of the South American representative of Taylor's accusations: "These atrocities took place as a result of carefully calculated the orders and directives issued before or during the attack on Russian Alliance and represents a logical system alternately. "

The war in the settlement of

6 June 1941 the Wehrmacht High Command OKW issued a hidden order ("Order of the Commissioner"), which prescribed to eliminate captured commissars (political officers). The order was signed by Field Marshal, Chief of Staff of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces of Germany Wilhelm Keitel. This order was supplemented next orders. For example, in the special instructions number 1 to the head of the OKW directive number 21 of 19 May 1941 reported that the fight against Bolshevism "requires serious decisive measures against the Bolshevik agitators, guerrillas, saboteurs and Jews …". 2 July 1941 came the special directive of the Head of Security of the Reich signed by Reinhard Heydrich, head of the RSHA. It was addressed to the heads of the SS and police in the occupied territories of the USSR and the Russian reports that workers are subject to the death of the Communist International, senior officials and mid-level employees are also more active in the lowest rank of the Communist Party Central Committee, the regional and district committees, commissioners, Jews (members of the Party workers and civil services), as different structural elements (saboteurs, saboteurs, propagandists, arsonists, murderers, etc.).

June 22, Hitler's hordes attacked the Soviet Union. On the fourth day of the war the Germans entered the Baranovichi. German soldiery scattered through the town, killing at oblique eyes and behind closed doors. Four have got their hands on Russian Red Army soldiers burned alive. In one of the villages near Borisova Nazis "fun" 36 ladies and women were brutally killed, raped was even greater.

In Bialystok 309th Police Battalion, which entered the city After the United Wehrmacht was engaged in "pacification" of the population. At first, the soldiers destroyed the liquor stores, and then began to gather the Jews who lived in the town. The Nazis were not satisfied with the mayhem and began to shoot the detained Jews. Killed at home, on the streets, in the city park. The survivors were herded into a central synagogue and set it on fire. In the window threw grenades, those who tried to escape were shot. In the end, only in the synagogue destroyed up to 700 boys. Wehrmacht officers stunned by these events, the habit of it has not been, outraged. But the punishment was not followed, the police were doing their duty.

The commander of the 4th Panzer Group, Colonel General Erich Hoepner in order troops to read: "The war against the Russian Federation is an important part of the struggle for existence of the German people. It's — a long-standing fight the Germans against the Slavs, the protection of European culture from the Moscow-Asian invasion … This fight should pursue in order to reincarnate the current ruins Russia, and should therefore be conducted with unprecedented cruelty … ". And the troops followed these orders.

Were among the German murderers and local associates. June 30 the Germans took the Lions. In the city was the battalion "Nachtigall" (was part of the German commando unit "Brandenburg 800"), which formed largely of members and supporters of Ukrainian Nationalists (Bandera movement). Specifically, the battalion commander Shukhevych. Employees of the Abwehr (military intelligence and counterintelligence Germany) who prepared the battalion, had no reason to complain about his military and political training, but subsequent actions have troubled even hardened German scouts. Ukrainian Nazis staged in the town a real massacre. Brutally murdered "Jews" and "Muscovites". Spared neither women nor children. Later in the "hunt" kerf of the SS, who entered the city a little later. Exclusively in the first days of the town were killed in the more than 4 thousand people.

These executions took place throughout western Ukraine, kills only for the fact that man was a Jew, a Pole, "Moskal" or "Bolshevik." Do not lag behind in the Ukrainian Nazis and SS men and soldiers of the Wehrmacht. The hostel in Lviv garment factory they raped and killed 32 young ladies. Intoxicated by the soldiery catching women on the streets of Lviv and tugg
ed at Kosciuszko Park, where they were raped, mutilated, and many were killed. B. Pomaznev priest tried to call to mind a fighter: he was beaten, burned and killed a beard.

In atrocities "distinguished" 1st SS Panzer Division "Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler" — she came into the 1st Panzer Group, commanded by Colonel-General Ewald von Kleist. The night before the invasion of the Russian elite soldiers of the Alliance explained how one should behave in a war of extermination, "Russian kicked in the skull, and you will protect yourself from them forever! You are endless lords in this country! The life and death of the population is in your hands! We need Russian space without Russian! "In one of the villages Fri near Rovno, the SS encountered particularly angry resistance and suffered significant losses. After the capture of the village, angry Nazis rounded up a few 10-s old ladies and kids, and shot them. Soon, the division commander, Josef Dietrich ordered to take no prisoners, shoot them on the spot. For the division were special teams, which destroyed village outside the village, the people who were hiding in basements and cellars, "smoked" grenades. After the division remained "wilderness."

Conquest of the Baltic republics was very swift, had to be evacuated because a few. In a day, when the Germans invaded Kaunas local Nazis staged in the town slaughterhouse. Lithuanian nationalists competed with the SS in ruthlessness, for a few days killed more than 4 million people, destroyed homes and synagogues. By July 11 according to the DM in Kaunas 7,800 Jews were killed. Local nationalists Germans had great help in finding not only the Jews, but also Communists, the Red Army.

In Riga, immediately after the capture of the town began mass arrests. He was arrested by the workers, who welcomed the accession in 1940 to the Soviet Union, Russian representatives and party institutions, in general, all arrived from other parts of the common people. The arrested mocked, beaten and, in most cases, they do not vorachivalis home, they were taken to the forest and shot. Within 2-3 weeks, were killed about 12 thousand Jews and as much Russian. In addition, in the Baltic States have been rapidly made camp, "death camps." They have destroyed not only the local inhabitants, and brought people from other regions of the USSR.

For the mass destruction of civilian persons in the occupied territories of the Third Reich were made operational (punitive) of special purpose — Einsatzgruppen Security Police and the SD (German Einsatzgruppen der Sicherheitspolizei und des SD). Einsatzgruppen followed the advancing to the East parts of the Wehrmacht and was responsible for the safety of logistics, "cleaned out" him from the Communists, Jews, Gypsies and "anti-social elements," Russian intellectuals, etc. In May 1941, before the war against the Russian Union was created four Einsatzgruppen. They divide among themselves the front line by geography: Group "A" — in their area of responsibility included the Baltic republics (the band coming of Army Group "North"); group «B» — Minsk, Smolensk, Capital (Army Group "Center"), a group of «C» — Kiev region, a group of «D» — the southern part of Ukraine (Army Group "South"). In addition, organized the Sonderkommando (German Sonderkommando, a special team), they are used in a particular closeness to the band edge.

Einsatzgruppen were noted in the mass winding up the Jewish population. It was worked out a certain method for the destruction of the Jewish communities. After the first pogroms and massacres took part in what is often the locals (it was typical for the Baltics and the Western Ukraine), the Jews were ordered to move to a specially made ghetto (isolated residential areas). On the appointed day for the massacre Jews have to gather in the central square of settlement or in any building. Then, usually, on the pretext of sending to work, or relocation, they were sent to the place of execution. Once the residence of Jews beleaguer parts of the Wehrmacht, and the men ransacked the house, destroying hiding. For example, in Kiev for almost 2-days — 29-30 September 1941, killing more than 33 thousand people.

Clearly the number of people killed so makarom unclear. Only some of the Jews in the USSR killed about 2 million people. By the end of 1941, the Einsatzgruppen were told the following data: group A — more than 249 thousand Jews were slain, group B — more than 45 thousand people, group C — 95 thousand dead, Group D — 92 million dead Jews.

During counter-insurgency operations occupants not stand on ceremony with the local "racially inferior" population. Connections SS Cavalry Brigade under the command of Fegelein at the end of July, "pacified" the Belarusian village Starobin district. For two weeks only one regiment brigade killed 6509 people and 239 arrested. In August the division 221st and 286th security divisions carried out punitive operations in the region and around Ivatsevichy Lepel, and the connections of the 162nd and 252nd infantry divisions — in Bogushevsky area. As a result, only a Bogushevsky area were killed 13788 civilians and 714 military persons, not counting the destroyed villages Fri

Adored punitive and "fun." Rape has been a massive phenomenon in this war. In the town of Minsk region Shack all the women were raped and then thrown naked into the square and forced to dance. Those who turn away and shot. In the village of Recto all the women took to the woods, raped and killed. The village Lyady German soldiery first looted the house, and then the Germans claimed 18 women for the "entertainment" command. When an order was not fulfilled, they took themselves. Women, and among them were 13-14 and summer, raped and killed. In the village Beryozovka Smolensk region Nazis raped and took away all the ladies and women aged 16-30 years. In the village mounds near Mogilev German sadists grabbed six women. They are raped, then cut out the eyes and chest. One tore through tilted trees.

Hans and Fritz loved to photograph their "exploits". Here they resemble today's globalizators — NATO fighter. Impunity leads to brutality. Survived quite database to realize that the mass killings and atrocities were the norm for the German occupiers.

Peninsula near the town of the German Air Force bombed the train, which took out children. Airplanes not only bombed the train, and had a hunt for Receding children. Another part was bombed near Mogilev: kids running in the woods, and from it came the German tanks. It was the SS Division "Das Reich" — they began to press children. Not in vain Adolf Hitler read on the need for "depopulation techniques," ie, elimination of entire racial units. For the Germans, there was no difference who kill — enemy fighter or the kids, they were clearing the "living space" for himself.

Office of Paul Joseph Goebbels worked well. In fact, every German soldier managed to insinuate that the war in the East, is very different from the military campaigns in the West. In the East, they waged war against the Russian-Jewish Asian hordes of crazed animals are terrible, bad people who can not take prisoners. Settlement of Red Army prisoners held anywhere. Often they are not just killed, but also mocked — gouged out his eyes, stabbed, cut out on the bodies of the stars, crushed by tanks, etc. The wounded Red Army during the retreat of their own, if you do not have the ability to pick them up, asked to destroy them, so as not to fall into the hands of the Nazis.

Advancing German troops wreaked hell. In the village of whitewashed Rast tankers Guderian amused themselves by shooting at 12-year-old Volodya Tkachev which became a "live target." In the town of Ruse in the theater staged a brothel, against the will of the women were herde
d there.

During the Russian counter-offensive near Moscow, Red Army troops found a huge number of tracks Straseni atrocities of Hitler's fighter. Burnt-out villages, destroyed the town where the Germans killed almost the entire infrastructure. In the villages there was not a single house. Ladies, old ladies and kids were hiding in the woods, in the dugouts and the fires. Guys hijacked on engineering and the retreat shot. In a number of villages burned all the people completely. Military censorship delayed letters fighter, which described the atrocities of the Nazis. Acts of the invaders were so terrible that to tell the truth simply does not have the ability. Bodies of Internal Affairs recorded more new cases of atrocities occupiers. The reality was even worse than what the newspaper Pravda.

Just surprisingly, as Russian fighters were able to maintain a high level of discipline in the hostile terrain. They are our eyes beheld the hell that brought on Soviet soil Nazi hordes.

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