The War of Africa. Mainland threaten to democratize, if he does not break up with China

After the first, tough enough (by Chinese standards), but rather short (just one line) response agency "Xinhua" the speech of Mrs. Clinton in Dakar was a long pause, yesterday was cut short by something similar to a growl: "Let him trust Washington that he will drive a wedge between China and Africa, "to which the U.S. State Department, immediately picked up a pass, shot back:" We find it hard grasp, that China has in mind and what the general premise of his annoyance. " What is read in such cases, Vladimir Ilyich, formally correct, but in essence — izymatelstvo.

In fact China's entry to the Black Continent to U.S. politicians — a factor of more than annoying. According to the views of virtually all professionals, carried away at the end of XX — beginning of XXI century "democracy promotion" in order to "take the lead" Eastern Europe first, and then Afghanistan, Iraq and, eventually, the Middle East and the Maghreb, the Yankees very long time did not direct attention the fact that Beijing is gradually strengthens their "African" position. And not only so, but in an intelligent way. With an emphasis on penetration in countries rich in natural resources — at first (as Equatorial Guinea, Libya, and Sudan), oil and gas.

According to the data, "Financial Times", "this is a strategic decision was made by management of the PRC has first-1990s, when the Russian influence in Africa deteriorated and was likely to seep into regions that were once under the control of ex-Russian. " All the more so, "according to the views of the United States, these countries, and so were in their pocket." In the final result, in 2006 the volume of trade between China and Africa reached a record 40 billion dollars, and after 5 years, by 2011, up to four times, and only the amount of direct investment in China 50 African countries in 2011 headed for 15 billion green Moreover, already in 2007, China overtook the United States, became naikrupneyshim trading partner in Africa, and dark-skinned minions can grasp: In return for access to resources — oil, gas, ferrous and nonferrous metals, wood and rock tenderloin ground — Beijing offers bolshennye, very cheap (a lot cheaper than the U.S. and the IMF) and the long-term loans.

It is logical that about 5 years back case Washington and Beijing began to slowly heat up. From the outside it looked, what, tip-top, but the "Arab Spring" plus extraneous points like her rehearsal in Côte d'Ivoire, as "voluntary" separation of the North to the South of Sudan gave a fascinating side effect wherever the advent of "democracy" victorious heroes liberated people than the rest, and from contracts with the Chinese. For an unusual coincidence in all of the new goodies overseas partners. And at some point — after Sudan, but especially after Libya — it was pretty painful. In Zhongnanhai realized that deprive Celestial important resources necessary to it began in earnest and forever — and snapped.

In the first place, began to decline curve of bilateral trade — which caused (according to the old principle of "And us, for what?") Pained bewilderment in Washington. Then the Chinese diplomats flocked to the capital of small but rich countries like Equatorial Guinea, offering, but new, yet to the best criteria for any loan (the press not to report details) "guarantees a measured development." And there are many who doubt that tremendous, without relying on warnings held on the tour of Ms. Clinton on Africa — Senegal, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and Benin — was a response to China.

In other words, officially declared — and abundantly open a discussion in the American press. — That the premise of the "big eye" was "concerned about the strengthening of positions in Washington Africa Islamic extremists, "but it fooled no one could. For a variety of reasons. In 1-x is not a secret that those same Islamists who awakened the "Arab spring", operating in a marvelous symphony Zaokeanem helpfully fulfilling every whim of the House and Knoll. In 2-x, then a small amount of "unruly", which still there is, do not have any work to countries where the elder lady rushed: it was far more logical for this purpose to visit "infected" areas (Libya, Mali), but they just her this time not intrigued. And most importantly, after the first public performances of an old Hilly in Dakar, it became clear that no Islamists Washington is not afraid, but the Chinese people are very afraid.

No one is calling directly — but did not need to, it was all clear — she had fallen on "some countries that seek to return to your continent neo-colonialism." That there is behave badly. In contrast to the United States that offer Africa "fair partnership, not patronage." That there is behave differently. Moreover, she said, "we want to make a model that will bring added value to you, and do not withdraw it. Days when strangers come to Africa and benefited, leaving nothing behind him, must end. " But the question of a journalist, "China in August, wants to move South Africa, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea and Niger soft loans to a record 20 billion whether America is ready to show the same generosity?" — Authoritative guests preferred not to hear, and when he and the same question was asked in the second time, and in the third it is permissible for themselves boil.

"A few angry tone" — as noted African journalists — it stated that "the civilized world regards the behavior of certain states, giving Africa a means, not thinking about the fact that these tools into the hands of authoritarian rulers." And then summed up the result: "Democracy and the rights of minorities must be protected everywhere, it is the duty and responsibility of the world community, and the United States does not want to look down that debt."

In other words, the management of all states of the U.S., should take into account that cooperation with China, and not with the United States is a sign of a dictatorship, but a dictatorship of one way or another will be displaced and replaced by a democracy, elected by all the rules of the "civilized world."

Judging by the storm of indignation in the African press, Africa is truly realized. Judging by the unprecedentedly harsh rebuke of Beijing, all right, and realized there. But, in my opinion, would do well to ponder and to the authorities of the Russian Federation.

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