The worlds first communication session from the brain to the brain



The world's first communication session "from the brain to the brain" through the Internet took place between the British explorer Christopher James and his young daughter.

Despite the fact that before the transfer from the brain to the brain of entire texts far, the experiment can be considered as an undisputed success.

The principle of the new development is as follows:

To-head, James and his daughter, hooked electrodes. Sender mentally choose a number, located on the computer screen on the right or the left and just mentally pointed to her right or left hand. Electrodes caught brainwaves, then they transcribed and sent over the network to the recipient. There figures were turned into a series of LED flashes different frequency, which recorded the brain of the recipient. Electrodes associated with the visual caught brain wave activity, whereupon another computer decrypts the received information.

Thus, we managed to convey the message "1011." At the same time the consciousness of the recipient could not tell the difference in the frequency of outbreaks — this information was seen only a certain part of his brain.

For more serious outcomes, according to Dr. James, the electrodes must be implanted directly into the brain, to which he had not yet received permission from any government or from their spouses.

The fact that the brain of the new communication system was "built" in the chain of transmission, allowed the British to announce the creation of the first interface B2B. Over time, it can be found a variety of uses — from communicating with persons deprived of their ability to move to create a new generation of computer games.

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