There is a spontaneous magnetization of magnetic metals



Earlier, when I suddenly discovered that metal objects in my home magnetized I suggested users of the site "Earth Chronicles of Life" as an experiment to study the effect. The outcome of these investigations can be a statement of fact widespread magnetization items.

The study of the existing theories of magnetism and the Earth's geomagnetic field did not give answers to the possible causes of the spontaneous magnetization of the magnetic metals. But, since the question I strongly held I continued to study magnetic objects.


Obtained the following result — as a result of magnetization was "the creation of a" permanent magnet poles of the "north" — "south." The orientation of these poles corresponds to the orientation of the poles of the geomagnetic field of the Earth …

On the basis of these data is not possible to draw any conclusions or speculate. But there is a doubt regarding the approval of individual scientists to reduce the intensity of the magnetic field of the Earth. Rather the opposite conclusion can be made … but however it is not correct.

It would be interesting to know whether this effect is observed with magnetic objects in other places …

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